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Sea level even more dramatic than usual You could smell the smoke as you flew. In and the political setting for this year's forum was his incendiary is the scenery at the start of the week President Trump appeared to side with Vladimir Putin against his own intelligence community over. Their assessment that Russia had interfered in the two thousand sixteen election the next day President Trump made an awkward retraction of his original claim in front of the cameras described by some as a hostage video since it looked like he'd been coerced into making the. Statement, the day after that retraction the Aspen security forum opened with the FBI director on, stage and the aftershocks of the Helsinki meeting still being felt my view. Is not change which is that Russia attempted to interfere with the last. Election and it continues to engage in malign. Influence operations to this day the FBI director Chris Wray said other officials. Have been asked the same question with journalists participants passing, each word to see how much, distance they might be willing To put between themselves and. The White House one of the, questions post to serving officials has been have you thought about resigning or what would it take to make you do that the most dramatic moment came when director. Of national intelligence Dan Coats appeared the man whose job it was to know America's secrets had already had to admit you didn't know all the. Details of what would be discussed by President Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki then his interview was passed a note saying the White House had just said that Putin had now been invited to Washington say that again said coaxed laughter before adding that's gonna be special two days later cokes issued a statement admitting his response had been awkward that saying he'd not intended to, disrespect his president it reinforced the sense of distance between some, of those here at Aspen and the president they serve one former, intelligence officer said, they're always seem, to be two governments the president and his tweets and, then the professionals carrying on their work but no one wants to say How sustainable this might be one thing foreign officials attending the, forum said was that this, divide let them confused as to which signals. They were supposed to take seriously And so has been, wrapped up and participants check to see if the fire had delayed their outbound flights one of the things many. Were wondering was. Weather when they come back next year. The smoke surrounding America's security. Would have cleared or whether it will still be hard to see what lies ahead Gordon Carreira reporting. Let's. Catch up, with. The sports news now it's. The final day the open golf championship Alastair Ross is with me with more. On that and the rest of this yes thank you Jillian, the reigning open golf champion Jordan Spieth is expecting what he calls a, dramatic final day in windy conditions at this year's, told them at at Carnoustie Spaeth shares eight two shot advantage over the rest of the field with. His fellow Americans Kevin Kisner and Zonda shuffling but says the predicted whether that makes up a precarious lead anybody within four or five lead with the forecast to conditions you. Certainly don't want. To go. Into the last few holes having to try and force, anything or come from behind anything is going to be able to happen Scored scoring average is going to go away up and out there trying to just play the golf course the best that I can not focus on anything else Some. Of those just four shots off the lead include Rory mcilroy and some guy called Tiger Woods Shelly Ann Fraser price one on her. Return to diamond league action following the birth of her son Jamaicans victory over one hundred. Meters was the highlight on day one of the anniversary games in, London Sunday's. Highlights include a high class women's two hundred meters field that itself includes Sharakah Jackson. Second fastest runner, in the. World, this year and the Welsh champion Daphne skippers Lewis Hamilton does not believe that he. Will be able to win today's, German Formula one grand prix. The running well champion will start from fourteenth on the grid, after a hydraulics failure on his Mercedes during the qualifying session on Saturday his main title rival Ferraris Sebastian vital will start that race from pole position. In football the Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart says he wants..

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