Trump issues all-caps threat to Iran


For a vehicle fire and go so top off your fluids because of the heat it is a problem President. Trump issuing a new threat to Iran. Last night on Twitter in. All caps sack at the White House President Trump, fired off a late night. All caps warning to Iran he tweeted never ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before hours Earlier Iran's president issued a threat of his own saying war with Iran is the mother. Of all wars, and adding, Mr., Trump do not play with the lion's tail or else you will regret it. Are signs ABC news Washington a new poll gives President. Trump the highest Republican approval numbers of, his. Presidency the latest NBC news Wall Street Journal poll Shows eighty percent of Republican voters surveyed approve of how Trump is handling his duties as president police are confirming that a gunman. Is dead after, a mass, shooting, in Toronto the other fourteen are victims I can tell you that one has. To their injuries at this point in time A young, girls in critical state right now the shooting happened in the eastern Toronto neighbourhood. Of Greek town last, night Saunders, said the suspect was armed with a handgun exchanged gunfire with police, before he died please do not have a motive but, investigators have not ruled out terrorism Representative Trey Goudy blasting the Justice department for leaving out who funded a surveillance warrant of President Trump's former policy adviser applications scenes the amount of, reliance they placed on this. Product funded by the but by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC county says the secret court should have been told that the dossier. Was partially paid for by the Clinton campaign nineteen year old. Tyrone fields turned himself in after the Broward sheriff's office yesterday released video footage of him. Allegedly robbing and shooting sixty one year old father of to parkland massacre survivors. Fields is charged with murder. And robbery with a firearm revere beach police investigating a shooting yesterday that sent multiple People to the hospital the shooting comes days after the town hall meeting. Though they held to curb violence in the area last week. Seven people were shot in, two people died man is dead after apparently, drowning in Palm Beach county the body of sixty five year. Old Devon Mirage was found yesterday morning you're the book Raton resort and club where he was staying, divers with Boca Raton police found, the body hours after the man was reported, missing the, football world is mourning the death of former dolphins head coach Tony Sporanos Fifty-six-year-old. Passed away unexpectedly yesterday, is home, in Minnesota where he was the Vikings offensive line coach he complained, of chest pains on Thursday underwent tests was released on, Friday and found unconscious yesterday morning in four seasons coaching the dolphins who went twenty nine thirty two but won the AFC east in two thousand and eight Speranza was survived by, his wife Janette two sons. And daughter and four grandchildren the survey Bola Fe new sake fifty w. f. t. l. celebrity chef Paula Deen's white-bearded husband has won. The Ernest Hemingway look alike competition in key west annual Hemingway day's festival wrapped up yesterday I had my whole family and friends and a teams I definitely had the biggest crowd I saw that he was so passionate about it. And he wanted to. Do this you, wanted to participate so, deans husband Michael groover from Savannah Georgia triumphed over one hundred fifty entrance on his ninth attempt during Saturday night's Hemingway look alike contest was that sloppy Joe's bar a frequent haunt of the author during his key west years and go to our. Website eight fifty WT dot com see the photo of me looks just like Ernest Hemingway and there's Paula Deen. There. With her mouth wide open anyway it is now time. For traffic. News time is eight oh five we check traffic. And weather together on the fives Good morning traffic is brought to you by. Burlington I ninety..

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