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To get our arms around this issue that people in the community in the neighborhoods. Have to help will tell, you that is of concern to me is that an individual can be, shot in the presence, of twenty five people and yet no one, knows or sees anything and. Obviously it's people are afraid to speak up source says they. Can offer these witnesses protection we, have the means, and the ability to move people and to protect the identification of people who come. Forward with information. I think that's going to be very reassuring to people who. Live, in those communities but at the same time they need those community activists to encourage people to to To. Talk and and come, forward because they're the only ones who can help solve what's going on I'll be interested to see what the new police chief brings to bring to the table he's coming in from? Michigan, and he has, a track, record of community policing and I think it's incredibly. Important especially in a city like Albany where they're dealing with issues like this there's a big divide between the, police department. And the community, in in a lot of places and when you get officers on the street and they develop relationships with people there's no longer that fear necessarily a police officers it's instead of saying there's there's a there's cop it's like hey that's officer Jones or whatever and I think. That that helps develop trust between certain communities, and the officers that patrol them and there may. Be an element of trust they may be. More likely to open up to an officer or say hey listen you might want to look into this on the other. Hand you have like the unions which is complaining about understaffing in the fact that. They don't have enough people, and why are we using people in community policing but Erick Hawkins will be, the new chief in Albany these been the police. Chief in Southfield Michigan, since, two thousand, twelve the. Mayor of, Southfield, is a guy named Ken. Cyber he's putting human face on the on the police department and he's done that through community. Policing we have officers in the and the. Schools plus crime prevention officer and to what we call community policing officers, in, Kellyanne, oh that in a perfect world race. Shouldn't matter do you, think it's a an advantage that chief Hawkins is a black man I think it does matter I think that a he may be welcomed a little bit more With more open arms I think in some parts of the area because there? Is again that distrust of. A police officer especially a white police officer Chuck and Kelly twelve Some people still. Think an education from northern Virginia community college is just settling the thing is at, Nova faculty are Rockstars.

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