Thailand: Missing boys' soccer team found alive in cave


The story takes us to thailand there are a teenage soccer team and their coach they're riding their bikes i don't know if it's from a game or tournament or a practice and they see a set of caves like big giant caves that are a tourist attraction there and they decide to get off their bikes and has a team they're all going to go in and explore the caves yeah there's about a week and a half ago so they jump off their bikes tie their bikes together they head into the caves and is you're heading into the caves these boys are eleven twelve years old or coaches twenty five years old is he signs that warn them during the rainy season to nocco passage point and for whatever reason they decided to go past that point all the boys went went past the point including their coach so that would farther and deeper deeper and farther into the cave next thing you know nobody was really hear him for the boys but they find their bikes and so they start looking for that it's been nine days now and finally there were some divers because it is the rainy season watered hit filled the cave had trapped the boys they didn't know if the boys were alive or dead if they drown in the water and then a particular diver in fact there were four divers that went in the water to of the divers found these boys and currently there are more divers on the way boys are trapped they're bringing them food and they're in a high spot just a little pocket of air part of a cavern but the little leads that they're all sitting on was not much bigger than maybe like a big family real hard to hear it's an english show here's when one of the divers actually discovered the boys this in northern thailand after nine days.

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