Trump supreme court pick: favourites emerge in rush to name nominee


At your wwl forecast i'm melissa van partly sunny and eighty seven at newsradio eight forty w h a s our top story president trump today is expected to meet with more candidates for the supreme court the president says he will announce his pick to replace the retiring justice anthony kennedy on monday abc's kenneth moten has more from washington monday president trump met face to face with four potential nominees to the supreme court circuit judges for the court of appeals brad kavanagh amy coney barrett raymond catholic bar today's sources say the president plans to meet with federal judge thomas hardiman who came in close second to justice neal gorsuch last year six circuit judge joan larsen which would make her the second woman to meet with the president to potentially replace retiring justice anthony kennedy kenneth moton abc news washington and as kenneth reported a move par is one of those interviewed by the president on monday he's a federal appeals court judge and former federal prosecutor in kentucky a three year old boy has died after he was found unresponsive in a car in frankfurt the coroner in franklin county says it happened friday evening the boy was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead the medical examiner's office has performed an autopsy but.

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