2018 Wimbledon -- Women's second-round matches


In the nation's capital it's the nationals hosting the red sox boston going for a sweep of the series right now there's no score in the top of the second inning and ward oh rodriguez going up against eric fatty and at wimbledon second round roger federer's straightset winner over lucas latch go on the women's side venus williams rallied from a set down to beat alexandra guerrero in three sets serena williams just about to get underway shortly and her second round match bello american madison keys a straightset winter and caroline wozniacki in some trouble down a set early onset katrina makarova a football note patriots receiver julian elements fourgame suspension for testing positive for p e ds has been upheld nba the sons and devon booker closing in on a max contract extension worth one hundred and fifty eight million dollars over five years and the wizards are reportedly expected the signs white howard to a one year deal i'm darwin's zuck cbs sports radio and our twitter handle is at cbs sports radio.

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