Trump administration must turn over information about 2020 census question


The us justice department more from npr's yuki noguchi glencore shares plunged after it revealed that is under investigation for violations of money laundering and corruption laws the investigation relates to its operations in nigeria the democratic republic of congo and venezuela over the last decade but the company was already under scrutiny for its ethics glencore which operates metal minds and makes and markets agricultural and energy commodities already faced a potential bribery probe related to its mining operations in the congo the company says it is reviewing the subpoena you can achieve npr news washington major us trading partners including the european union china and japan are voicing their concerns about possible us measures on imported autos and parts they appeared before the world trade organization japan's warren such measures could trigger a spiral of countermeasures on wall street the dow dropped one hundred and thirty two points the nasdaq was down sixty five points this is npr and you're listening to wnyc i'm jamie floyd the new york city public housing authority now says it needs thirty two billion dollars to make repairs and improvements over the next five years that's a twentyseven percent increase over its previous estimate andrew ryan a consultant for the citizens budget commission says the authorities only slated to get a quarter of what it needs if you go on this path you are not going to reverse the decline of niger which is already insignificant state of disrepair ryan says federal state and city governments have all failed to support public housing for decades a federal lawsuit challenging a question about citizenship status on the us census is moving forward federal judge in new york has ordered the trump administration to provide information on its decision to include the question on the twenty twenty cents is form in a hearing today judge jesse furman said there is evidence the administration acted in bad faith new york new jersey and several cities and states around the country are suing the us department of commerce and the census bureau over the question arguing it could result in an inaccurate count by discouraging immigrants from participating in the survey and the mta has released the beta version of its new app it's called my mta james ramsay from wnyc's we the commuter project tried it out he says all it works well as an accurate countdown clock if you're standing on a hot subway platform it has some other shortcomings the problem is once i'm on the train and we stall out in a tunnel for about eight minutes and not only is the announcement on the intercom unintelligible but there's no way in the app for me to send a message to the mta saying i'm on this train stalled out.

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