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Really excited, about, it he's been, a guy that I've always kind of been a fan of in a way I feel like he's always been kind of underrating he's manager Aaron Boone, on Jay. Have the farmers are familiar with, half from his years with the Blue Jays the lefty dons. Pinstripes the first time this afternoon, against the royals, went oh five in the, fan, twenty five game which is coming up counters Burch Smith Yankee split. Double, yesterday they rallied in the nightcap five, four against Casey but lost the first game ten five, and Luis, Severino, for four straight. Rough outing in a row I whereas as you Will make sure Luke on what. Is going, on you know I've been through this, in the past so you know We're going to stop working and trying to. Be myself a Red Sox at five and a, half game lead in the American, League east, Mets looking for four, games split in Pittsburgh this. Afternoon Zack, Wheeler against Joe musk grove. Non waiver trade deadline. Is Tuesday wheelers name and the rumbling Joe obviously I want to stay here I love New York. I love, playing for this team a of the, guys here and I don't think it's, going to happen but if it. Does so be chatting with us in why yesterday the Mets lost five nothing. Wasted another Jacob degrom quality. Star baseball hall of fame welcome six new guys today Chipper Jones Vlad Guerrero Jim Thome me Trevor Hoffman Alan Trammell and Jack Morris switching gears two football. Giants coinage Norse Jenkins spoke for the first time since a friend of his down dead at his. Home in June Jenkins brothers being charged with aggravated manslaughter junior said he. Hasn't spoken to him jets still without Sam darnold training camp the number three pick unsigned, there's an issue over offset language in his contract negotiations and. Jets running back Elijah McGuire is expected to be out three to six weeks according to Adam Schefter who says surgery is on the way for. That fractured foot and with reports every twenty minutes, this is Dave rent WFAN twenty, twenty sports, after a big weekend, sports make, sure you're locked. In to, the midday show right after. Boomer and geo join. Me Evan Roberts tomorrow at ten AM hours before the trade deadline What's next. For the New York Yankees and the New York Mets plus training camp is here we talked plenty..

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