Woman dies while hiking in Mount Rainier National Park


ABC news Stay connected stay informed KOMO, news good. Afternoon it is four thirty one I'm Kelly Blair with the top. Local stories from the KOMO twenty, four seven, news center An elderly couple has been upgraded to satisfactory condition today the recovering at Harborview medical after being stabbed in their own home yesterday afternoon Bellevue police say female houseguests. Stabbed to seventy six year old woman in her eighty three year old. Husband police. Tell us the, woman tried to set several fires in the home police arrested her neighbors believe she may have been a transient. In, need so far no motive in that case firefighters are warning you to be extra careful next week because of the extra wins and all the dry brush already we have seen how dangerous and how fast flames can destroy a home last night on lake cabin on neighbors and fellow boaters jumped into action. To try and stop a, fire from spreading KOMO, Suzanne Phan reports from mount Vernon as, flames, ripped through this cabin and shoot up the trees on. Lake Cavanaugh some, voters watching horror witnesses. Say neighbors. And voters. Jumped in, to help. Fight the fire Steve Manny. Was on the water when he spotted the flames sit back here got, my sump pump And His daughter brother and neighbor all raised back over to the burning. Cabin pretty much half the house was. Gone the fire started over on that side and kind of took the whole. House they're Manny another's quickly got to. Work we came tried to get on the, dock and there are so many boats near helping the, fire both. Guy and so we pulled up on the shore started sump pump going and got it all spraying down as much as we could in a fire started over on that. Side so we brought the boat over there and started hosing down that. Side try to save the neighbors on this Sunday investigators are serving all the damage. Done the cabin was, destroyed but the neighbor's homes were. Spared I feel terrible for the people that own the. House and you, know I feel grateful for the neighbors were able to keep it from. Spreading maybe this will show the people how fast something can go up in flames and how easy it spreads That is. Komo's Suzanne Phan reporting the body of a hiker swept away in the white river at mount rainier has been recovered the national park service's says that the woman was hiking. By yourself on the northern loop trail Wednesday when she was swept downstream. While attempting to cross the Westbrook of the white river a group of hikers saw. The woman struggle and, try to reach your but couldn't. They hiked out and notified authorities rescuers searched for her. By land and, air until they found her body on Friday we know she was just. Twenty two years old a Chinese national here in the states going to college KOMO news time is four Time to check our roads and AAA traffic with Evans Smith or working on an emergency response on southbound five just before Northgate taking up the two right lanes traffic is backing up to, stay little bit behind this looks like it may have been a brush sponsor of some kind meanwhile. Working, on bit slowing southbound five going between STAN would and Marysville, down towards this Tom rivers where you're back. Up to speed about five still clearing out between Lacey and do Pont area as well our. Next supporters of four forty four seven Smith KOMO traffic meteorologist general Donald checks are forecast what's. The heat wave that just doesn't want to quit around here where even warmer than we were yesterday right on schedule low nineties, around downtown Seattle Bellevue and Bremerton today and low to, mid ninety s as the peak of the heat hits tomorrow we'll start, your road this heat a little bit as we head into the middle of the week finally a nice marine pushed by Wednesday. And Thursday with early clouds maybe even some welcome. Drizzle and afternoon clearing but that's still several days off in the KOMO weather center I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell it is hot now currently mostly sunny and eighty seven. Degrees in Seattle governor Inslee says the Trump administration's announced twelve billion dollars. In, relief from tariffs won't do, much to help Washington farmers for apple producers have been hit our cherries they're gonna hit as well Inslee visited growers in the Yakima valley this week he points out the. Announced federal subsidies targets soybean dairy, and, pork farmers the head, of the. Washington State Department of, transportation has some rough news for drivers hoping for relief from bad traffic it's not happening komo's Charlie Harger reports speaking at an industry conference washed chief Roger Millar tells his colleagues from around the country in essence traffic is lousy around here in big, old highways aren't going to fix it in fact congestion is using his words here is a problem. We, simply cannot solve according to meeting notes published by the American, Association of state highway and transportation officials Millar, says big problem is that people around here can't afford to Live near where we. Work so, we're driving along way answer, he says is to. Come up with new approaches to solving the, state's transportation woes but that's going to take time and money. Something taxpayers, might not be eager to tackle Charlie harder KOMO news And. Water has become a hot commodity among the, homeless during our current heat, wave which it'd mcadams with the downtown union gospel. Mission says they're handing out bottled water downtown and have sent. Out, a fleet of vans to distribute. Water to the city's homeless encampments we. Go through cases in. Cases of it not only the hydration center but also with the, vans and stuff like that we're going. To at least fifty cases of. Water a day wow most people living on the streets don't, have a place. To cool off let alone get water mcadam says they do this whenever. It gets above eighty five degrees the outpouring of support for fallen officer Diego marina continues, in Kent yesterday the community rallied at. A blood, drive in his honor komo's Mitch Pittman reports he. Was memorialized in a way that. Will save the lives of others the ultimate goal of those who put on the. Uniform Mr. protect and save lives officer Diego. Marino gave his own for that 'cause today his community, came to So more lives can be saved in, his name we're having our, second annual battle of the badges contest for blood. Donations started last year in the event pits police against firefighters. In, a friendly competition of who can. Bring out more donors but this year. It's all in honor. Of Marino so sad so sad but we wanted to bring up, and say thank you for all you. Did and we want to give. Back to his in his community every donation could save.

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