10 NFL Players Who Will Thrive On Their New Teams (And 10 Who Will Disappoint)


A loser because I do this with a lot. Of television shows there's nothing that, I quite enjoy like watching a television show that I've seen a couple of times over again in the background while I'm. Doing other things I've been doing that recently with the television, show breaking bad which I consider to be the best TV show. Of all time I very much enjoyed it because I continuously notice, small little things whether it's foreshadowing or a little, funny one liners and I might not be paying a hundred percent. Attention to it but having it on in the background brings me. Comfort and joy I always feel like I'm wasting time if I'm really watching. Stuff and yet and yet I say that I've watched Seinfeld episodes probably on average of ten. Times per episode so there is just something comforting about revisiting. An old friend I wish I did that. More with books I wish I would go back and re. Think about that he's doing that. With Harry Potter I would read Harry Potter books because there's no way you catch everything. With a book know first time through read the book how to stop worrying and stop living, like eight times Oh yeah Carnegie have you have you stopped worrying I've gotten better now you. Said was that a Freudian slip you just said how to stop worrying and stop living so Has to have to start looking over you. Know Online pharmacy A bunch of sedatives and plastic The brain bats because to me breaking the bat is like the TV series TV series version of like Shakespeare in a. Way, the way they. Line Shakespeare. Yeah it's that great it's tremendous and I think to really fully grasp everything appreciate you got to. Watch it twice and I haven't I've only watched say in rapid transformation which also, about a little thing called chemistry which Walter white teaches about does the part where he says, that, early on and it's like oh this is the whole show Yeah, some shows do that Shakespeare This this makes me very very happy because. I don't buy this at all remember Malcolm Butler how he. Was, bench to the Super Bowl well a lot of people. Don't, remember ever heard of it A lot of people don't remember that Malcolm Butler may Corey Davis actually look like a competent wide receiver individual round of the playoffs last year well people in Tennessee, are, very excited after just a day. Of work with Malcolm. Butler because apparently Malcolm Butler picked off? A pass intended for Corey Davis and punted it and all the Tennessee sycophants are reveling in. This oh they're going to. Be put. It it makes me happy why would they. Be happy with that and not distraught over. The fact that Marcus mariota mechanic seemed to get. Worse by the year Corey Davis doesn't apparently no, the playbook I I without having watched it at. All I would give you, a fifty percent chance accordia Davis ran the wrong. Route and Malcolm Butler just got lucky on that play Tennessee. Titans, fans perhaps among the most inbred and stupid on earth This yeah I hate, them, and then they do their stupid. Little tighten up chant. Casey Smith of barstool sports does the? Podcast with Johnny Manziel comeback season actually put together like a compilation of a bunch of tweets. By titans fans about how. Excited they. Are welcome Butler play well they're dumb stick. College football you idiots not that I want. This to happen but why can't Butler have a. Bounceback season he was really good the year before, in New England why can't you play like that Mike rebel okay Mike His confidence. This this made me laugh this. Morning this is a new addition to positive. Paul so I sit down and I'm wearing my Hawaiian. Shirt it's a Hawaiian Hawaiian Friday. Shirt it's pink. Flamingos there's so Michael looks at me and he's, like what are those? Birds are they ostriches I got a? Bunch of birds How are. You what I hear those birds I've. Been thinking for like fifty minutes I still. Can come up with. The word Flamingo gets Paula, not let me look it up but you knew you just. Couldn't come up, with. The name Flamingo bingo is yes Polo shirt when, they're flamingos I guess otherwise. Style is now it's not I don't know, what the style of shirt is but a. Hawaiian shirt would be floral prints and everything that's. Just like a casual whatever polo shirt. With pink. Flamingos on a, Miami shirt this is a this. Is a Hawaiian shirt take a picture, of. A nastier Twitter? Followers and this is this. Is a good idea this is a. Better version of a Hawaiian shirt this is. What the Hawaiian should. Wear those floral floral patterns, suck terrible shirts t. shirts are great you're going sit in. Here. Much appropriate. Hawaiian Already every single. Friday Friday I don't fully know what, appropriate Take a photo, put it on your Twitter account echo? Says and just. Say, what kind of shirt is this Whatever it. Is, I think most people would say it's a baggy shirt baggy they don't mean that. It, doesn't, fit me well, they mean that I am a bag with, a word at, the beginning of it hey guys This movie is exciting as hell to me so you know the movie home alone a lot of people have seen, that one MacAulay Culkin Joe patchy that other guy that was in Celtic pride. Was great movie okay well Ryan Reynolds is apparently. In the making of. A movie where a man misses his plane for a holiday ski. Trip and he gets high. And becomes. Paranoid, that people are breaking. Into his house. The movie is going to be called stoned, alone it has Ryan Reynolds this. Sounds wonderful for Christmas time yuletide trip to the, movie, theater. I'm very excited about this I assume yes, it'll, be a comedy I'll watch that I'm a little bit, confused by the plot but I'm not gonna dig deep. Ryan Reynolds is one of the most genuinely funny actors actors you're kind of a letdown when. You realize oh they're funny when there's a script in front of. Him Ryan Reynolds seems like he could actually write comedy, himself, there's there's something about his delivery that I feel, that very few are able to pull off I'm glad that he got the role, of, deadpool 'cause I feel like that rule was made specifically. For him underrated movie that. A lot. Of, people maybe haven't seen. Also technically a. Christmas movie just friends which also features Amy, smart who has a smoke show. She is vanderbeek significant other in the movie varsity, blues, he's. She's the one that's like smart and wants, them, to go to Brown and on top of that you, have Anna Farris who plays this pop star it's Ferris's. Best role ever she's hilarious and I think I actually have seen that renaissance reference three movies. That which one will you recommending I just friends I'm talking about the people I like I like when. He looks directly at the camera and actually talks to the floor when he. Breaks worthwhile there yes he, does an excellent job with that so there you. Go positive politics coming up. Next on. Six pack JJ watt talked about the dark days of his injury this is six pack on sports? Radio six ten Radio mornings with Mike Senate Paul on? The radio podcast today what. Are the delisting expectations for the Honey badger this year plus Wade Smith was in we discussed some conspiracy theories not cloudy. And, camps so far another edition of positive. Paul plus was Paul wearing a Florida shirt or Hawaiian shirt join. Us Monday all the developments from the Texans the NFL. And what are the Astros done, to,.

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