A guide to Zimbabwe's 1st post-Robert Mugabe election


Field Can't speak Just incredible I believe in a, good beat the guys Two on the biggest stage. Of all Three weeks Elsewhere Qatar has denied allegations in a British newspaper that it broke campaign rules by running a secret black operations campaign to sabotage rival bidders for the twenty twenty two. World Cup the Sunday Times says it has documents that show how Qatar used an American off and ex CIA agents to generate fake propaganda about. Its rivals the Nigerian football federation is investigation investigating an allegation of bribery against coach. Sallisaw Yousef the national team coach was caught, on camera taking cash for men posing as football agents who requested to be selected for a continental championship Yousef said the money was. A gift the players were selected on merit and he doesn't believe he's broken rules on accepting. Cash payments Riyadh Morris has limped out of Manchester City's pre season friendly against by Munich. And Miami the sixty million pound signing from LeicesteR was substituted with a, leg injury In the first half of a young city teams three two. Win over a strong by Munich side elsewhere Shaquille scored brilliant overhead kick on his. Liverpool debut in a four one friendly win, over Manchester United United manager Josie Marino defended the result by saying the lineup hey selected was not even thirty percent of his squad. On the line of August many of them are not going to be here so this is. Not this is not our squad reinforcements you are you are saying plays that old like. To buy I would like to add to the squad that's another thing But this is. Not my squad, this is not even off of, my squad this is not even thirty percent. Of my squad And, Lewis Hamilton was grateful for the wet conditions as an unexpected pole position. For today's Hungarian, Formula one. Grand prix his Mercedes teammate voluntary tasks, will start alongside him on the front, row of the grid Hamilton's nearest. Title rival Ferraris Sebastian rattle will start in. Fourth place but still believes that he can wait Tomorrow Zimbabwe. Is holding. Its first election since Robert Mugabe was ousted in, November. International election, monitors have been allowed in for the first time since two thousand and two knock stratego is from Zimbabwe, in the fellow, of the Africa program at Chatham house he's recently been in Zimbabwe and. He joins me now in. The, studio so nuts how important are, these first elections in post Mugabe's Zimbabwe Well I thank you very much for hosting. Me I'm this elections are really really critical a lot of people are feel? That is maybe the most important elections we've had, either since nineteen Eighty-one since two thousand for the first, time neither Mugabe or the late Morgan Tsvangirai contesting. So we're really going into. New territory here in terms of election, and this huge election fever in Zimbabwe yeah you were there just a few weeks. Ago. Can you, describe the scene there that you. Saw people? Are just so excited both in? The cities and in the rural areas? And both, both candidates have got a a big following but really in terms. Of what's happening in Zimbabwe now it's all about elections and with regard. To the actual elections a lot of it is really about the economy that's that's the number one issue exactly I mean excitement leads to too high expectations doesn't it no. Matter who wins this election, can they live up to those expectations I. Mean it. Really will be a big task to fix the economy Absolutely and that that may be I think that. Will be a challenge for. Who whoever wins whoever forms the next, government because they may be a crisis of expectation some really huge promises have been. Made. By all, contenders in this in this election. And that? They will fix the economy especially? The cash crisis within weeks or just? A couple, of months and it might take a little longer than that Yeah I mean. Unemployment is a massive problem as well isn't it Yes although bear. In mind a lot of Zimbabwe's, economy is in the informal sector so peop-. Some people actually working but a lot, of it is inform allies. But, in terms of the formal economy it has shrunk for sure now can you, just take us through the the two front. Runners. And. The election, just tell us a little bit about, them okay Well the the, two frontrunners are the current incumbent who's the president Emmerson, Mnangagwa who is Zanu PF he, was Robin is right and men mnangagwa's is. Positioning himself as a reformer he was, with them Gubbay but he's. He's, actually done quite a lot in terms of trying to bring the economy forwards MS Broughton is putting some new laws and. Legislation Against him is Nelson Chamisa who was Morgan, chunky rice right and is really courting the. Youth vote and bear in mind a lot of sixty around six percent. Of voters under forty five so China, says hoping to really get a an electoral bounce from from that but if I may just. Very quickly mentioned there are a lot. Of other contenders and they are for. Women presidential candidates contesting which, is a, I in Zimbabwean electoral history so there's a lot of new things happening in this. In this election so it's all to play for As you mentioned that size of a portrait portion of. The electorate is is quite young To the to the issues that, they care about are they different from do they differ from the rest of the electorate For the young of it is about jobs, because we have a situation where a lot. Of young people have got they have got to grease their well-qualified well. Educated but they've, been unable to find him claims so either they, leave the, country or they go into the informal sector so for them a lot of. Issues about who can? Provide jobs Shami says made a lot of promises And it remains to be seen whether he can. He can do that but even within. Zanu PF there's a strong youth element there as well so for the young people it's really about jobs in the sense of a future, within the country rather than outside okay excellent NextRadio, from the Africa program at Chatham house I. Know you're going to be staying with us in the next hour so. We'll be hearing, from you again for now it's coming up to, five thirty, GMT you're listening to weekend.

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