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Of the twelve boys trapped in a cave in northern thailand since june twenty third were rescued today and are being treated at a hospital or respondent david mckenzie says the decision to begin the rescue was made because of dropping oxygen levels and the threat of monsoon rains so rain is a major concern in the coming days at the neither here says there could be sleep for days of solid ran that could flood the chamber there in the boys into just a small space of safety so they might be a window that is closing here in this desperate rescue tampa thai official says the healthiest boys were taken out i the official says the operation is going better than expected but it could be days before all of the boys and their twenty five year old coach are taken out of the six mile long cave system for now however the news is good from thailand the drama that has gripped the world continues i'm christopher cruise and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters there will be another way to buy into the music business tencent holdings of china is.

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