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In cities leg lago us at night nairobi cairo cape town and johannesburg with many initiatives led led from local and international players the relevance of african continent is demonstrated and of course i'm reading as is the readiness on the african continent is demonstrated by how ecosystems like european players like for example sep orange telefonica and bfi following the same path yet evidence demonstrates that there is a lack of very successful african highgrowth startups upscale ups and unicorns like at dissonance right now like just this re sorry and win the forward because i haven't even gotten sorry this is the forward known as we're on page three well yolk year it looks like it bottle before yet part of the forward win the forward here folks this is what africa's apparently come together to sort of agree and unites around in terms of a manifesto falls startups ecosystem is isn't it interesting hits is africa eu community it says jockeying so so he has earned as me joe an american mother manifesto for the eu jaw an african who muckraking the manifesto for the eu a european will not be writing manfesto for australia awful issue for india overtime why should you be or keith put into writing manifestos for us and if it's a host of being collaborators leave monday festival in winds winged among when being written sofa me let me ask you a question that he played doubles advocates i mean i i'm channel to have a conversation with one of the authors emma foul yom and i'll certainly puts you know uh these sentiments forward to hanoi ask a subdued in a tough questions i had lined up for her but it on the first page i mean abboud the logos presented they all startup europe european commission an sec to a low startup europe comes to africa this is for us i mean a you know why you so mad also being your yeah like what are you what would you say to her if she said wow this is our idea i mean we're not trying to force it on you this is just.

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