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Keeps you up to date with importing business news, stock, market happenings, and how they affect your financial life. Get your money, right and search for Sophie. S. O. F. I wherever you get your podcasts. It'll be sunny today. With a high of ninety six expect a few clouds tonight with a low of seventy six. Our Top story is Dallas. County reported a record four hundred and thirteen new coronavirus cases yesterday. That's a significant increase from the county's previous one day high and the first time it has crossed the four hundred case threshold. Officials said an increasing number of outbreaks are being reported from large social gatherings that have taken place this month. The county has also reported nine additional deaths from covid nineteen yesterday four of the Victims Dallas residents. The other deaths were to mosquito men in their sixties. S Duncanville in her sixties Elaine Casterman in his seventies and a grand prairie man in his seventies, officials also said the recent death of a twelve year old is being investigated as a virus death Dallas County has had fifteen, thousand, two, hundred and fifty six total coronavirus cases, including three hundred and two deaths. The previous one day high was three hundred and forty five reported on Saturday. The county does not report a total of recovery's. In Political News. Dallas County joined a growing number of local and state governments this week, declaring racism public health emergency, the five-member Bonnie on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution sponsored by Commissioner. John Wiley Price. A Democrat long represented southern Dallas County Price, known for decades as a provocateur, said the swift passage of the resolution which demands the county adopt policies that will measurably improve the lives of black and Brown resonance in Measurable Shift Dallas, county, one of the nation's ten largest is likely the most populous local government to adopt such a resolution so far prices resolution highlights stubborn and stark disparities among the county's white, black and brown communities. In other news Texas's Corona virus case total jumped this week in part due to nearly one thousand five hundred infections among state prisoners that had not been previously counted in statewide tallies. On Tuesday, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported that the total number of coronavirus cases increased by more than four thousand of those about two thousand, six hundred are new, and the rest were previously excluded.

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