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Like that before. From not that Listen, The Gong show's out. Miriam is you know she's Around made. She's like an older Yes, she's older. You are entering both entering the Gilf genre. I just, um God, I just don't think that that Miriam was allowed to watch the gun show like maybe I watched it, but it wasn't one of my favorite shows just like her parents actually were very We were very busy watching the Mandrell sisters. What? What High God, What did you just ask? The Mandrell sisters were also a staple in my house Who would know what is that man draw? There was Louise, Barbara and Earlene Man drowned. Love your blunder. Lean that lying to me right now. Now, now, man, you find like something you're gonna have to play that as Bob coming back something from Barbara Mandrell early. They live forever. My God, they have to look what are they? The mandolin sister. Oh, the Mandrell sisters, Rob Holy smokes the others Barbara. Now she's still smoking, And she's the older she's older. And then there's Louise and Earlene. Look, please. And Earlene Mandrell. Oh, yeah. No, no, I'm looking at the I guess you have, like all was the hot. The younger blowing early. Any Earlene Mandrell is is the youngest. That's the smoke is a smoker. They're all smoke shows. Oh, God. They Yeah, they remain pretty smoke. Of course they're snap. They remain Smokey right? What? So it was like a variety show your country singers, but they're also a variety show and early Being played Super dumb like she was the chrissy of of the man. You get right up my alley, And it was like the wise all knowing one and then I don't even know Louise was. What was her care? I mean, shouldn't have Louise Louise was just so she's probably like the Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels. Flirty. She was like the one that Yeah, boy, Crazy Burnett. She was the token Burnett yet, you know? I watched that obsessively. Yeah, it was a great show boy never knew he used to sing and everything just the way he used to sing and dance for Lena's. We really still very smoking all adorable. It means we're going to find some sort of song We're having the next is the denim. You're going to have to play some Mandrell sisters. We're going to find something. She 60 Earlene is 64. Yeah, And she looks amazing looking absolutely incredible. Three husbands like none of what she is currently married to flower market. Yeah, she said she got running hit robbed like she's available. Her first name is actually Ellen. Really? Alan Earlene. Yeah, but she goes by early and kind. Like you go by your middle name. Yeah, that's right when their song about her, Come on, Earlene. Now that's that's different. Eileen. It's 80 song to new news on the Hunter Biden scan. From the daily Mail you again? Oh, man who describes himself as a former business partner of Hunter. Biden says he heard him and his father, Joe Biden discusses dealings with the mysterious Chinese energy firm in 2017 and the former vice president was due to receive a share of the profits. Cause I mean, talk about Is anybody talking? Not me? No. No media outlets Gonna pick this up because you know who cares? Who cares? Tony Bobinsky is this guy's name of his name, said quote. I've seen vice President Biden, saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. He then goes on to say, quote. I've seen first hand that that's not true because it wasn't just hunters business. They said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line. Unbelievable. No one knowing this would be at the top of every news, Everybody, everybody, This is a trump. Everybody would be talking. He's now Tony was talking about this this morning about whether Trump should bring this up tonight or stay focused on the economy. I think you got to make everybody own. Exactly who? Joe Biden is. Nice old grandpa. Totally corrupt. Make him own it. Yeah, yeah. He is corrupt. This whole families. Correct Democrats are corrupt. And they're socialists and they and they want Hyde. Listen, he's going to have a 60% tax rate. Nobody's talking about that. They're not going to talk about the economy there not to talk about foreign policy. They're not going to talk about the fact that they're doing this all this hunter Biden stuff. They're not going to talk about that tonight. None of it because the lady is going to be moderating. The debate basically had Christmas dinner with the Obama's in 2012. You know who's not corrupt. Him. The mandolin sisters, Mandrell. I love them, so I know we have to play something from them coming in with that air speed? Yes. Who came over to my house yesterday? Was it me? Wouldn't you remember if it was you, Bernie? Not if I got distracted by your horse? Sure. I wasn't wearing whore shorts, and it wasn't you. It was one of those awesome dudes from fast track. I got my eye wave air purifier installed yesterday and I already feel like I'm healthier because I know that the I wave purifier is cleaning the air.

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