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The predominantly africanamerican a routes music and it defines them is completely different from what their parents listening to what's on the radio the time because youth coach who was mediated by the bbc with raw the studied con of schoolmistress he kind of attitude toward young people unwanted donnegan as you heard from that song even really a read as let go there and so it's kinda like beer lee so of rockabilly was in the united states american fact that songs recorded just a week after elvis presley recorded that sought momma for the sun sections in uh in in memphis and 1954 july ninetyfifth for sell eleni down again helps to import american music to england and then as you put it skiffle becomes boot camp for the british invasion and the british invasion comes to america exporting the you know the serb so we get the music that influences generations of performers so the american music comes to england and then the british invasion comes to america and this is like circle what goes wrong comes around that yes month is a donnegan and i mean the beatles they all you know the the dow argument about musical you know us appropriation there's a song donnegan as a hit with in ninety 56 coach steubenville now he learned self lead billy record lead belly london offer recorded john lomax did of a sharecropper's working in the american south african american sharecroppers working in the american south lomax said that was the most common song you heard in fields.

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