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Standing by the thing is though. This movie was also watched by ronald reagan. He said it was very effective and it left him greatly depressed. Maybe he called one of those hotlines. I don't know but in nineteen eighty-seven ronald reagan killed gorbachev signed a nuclear forces treaty which resulted in banning and reducing nuclear arsenal after signing that reagan. Send a telegram to the director of this movie saying. Don't think your movie didn't have any part in this because it did. So there you go. I connected world. Peace to marilyn monroe. Let's take a look at our birthdays for today. Julio iglesias seventy eight today. Bruce springsteen turns seventy two. Jason alexander is sixty two. Sean spicer is fifty. What he's doing now. Matt hardy's forty seven and schuyler. Aston is thirty four. That is your look at september twenty third. Thanks for listening to this today. I'm russ. I hope you enjoy learning about today. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hello this is hannah from red-handed. Would you like to watch something scary. Like really scary so scary. Hide behind the safer. Then you need shudder. Shudder is the ultimate streaming service. If you like heart racing thrillers. The mind-bending supernatural and a good old gut wrenching horror discover an unbeatable collection of hollywood classics and critically acclaimed new genre films. That are sure to leave. You feeling satisfied if a little freaked out. Sign up now at shudder dot com. That's s. h. u. d. d. e. r. dot com. Shut so good it's scary..

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