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Worried about twitter. Polls and one hundred thousand people died of Kobe. Cocoa in a hundred and twenty days a forty should be thinking about talking about is how to get a bar a vaccine. A social business and demand won't wear masks publicly this this this pleaser vote because we gotta get this guy out of. He didn't mention that one announcement yesterday. About one hundred thousand folks passing and out of he didn't make an announcement. Yeah just let's add another ten fifteen thousand because undocumented folks who passed away at home nobody knows about it. I'M A put a number ten thousand on you. Absolutely right. Get forty five. I and he's all about himself and he's the King of the election. Yes and is right. We are in the yellow phase right now. And they said I'm sorry. In the May twenty-ninth some counties the ones that went yellow. I like Eerie Pennsylvania and like up out west. Pa They're currently Right now and by June fifth all the rest of the counties will be yellow. Well that's in Pennsylvania. I think there's like forty seven states that are open now mike regularly but they're still encouraging people wherever they are open to wear masks. We'll good Bobby Cologne able to go back to that Salon Zinni. You'll be able to do what we go get. You hear this a lot. More women out here guys lines are growth like you could have one person in the salon at all your need all getting ready to every woman in on earth need to get they here. 'cause y'all walking around here. I don't know what I'm what of your hairdos cocoa. A lot of fall cost text messages. Am ON AL like wait. I'm looking at time. You like. She creek run out there and get your head. Become tired of looking at your right family stopped.

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