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Inner orbit planets that circle our son in they are mercury and venus now. Mercury is the closest to the sun. Just imagine that we are the sun center so mercury is that innermost orbit our innermost friendships. These are people that would die for us. He's our family. Are blood relatives. Friends that have exceeded all expectations and are just their spouse a lifelong friend so mercury and venus this is where they are populated by those who we feel will be enduring throughout and through thick infants account. So that's mercury venus orbit people who really love us so then we move down to earth. That's the third planet from the sun. These are close people. These are good good friends. You know people you know we kind of go along with in life in hold close to us but did not always there for us. Do you have any friends like that. Where you kind of the are people who come in. That was slate expectation that they're probably going to be there. But you know what i mean. Yeah yeah they're there and those friends stupid be like the fun friends that are around for good times that you don't necessarily rely on them for the difficult times good friend. And then we start to leave the third orbit and we head out to mars and jupiter down dedham. Dumb amores is the worry of planets now because of that red tint to mars dividend. Look up the sky and seymour's yes you see the oranges in. Yes i tomorrow. Being the warriors planet. This is the fourth planet from the sun. so now we're starting to get further and further away from those intimate circles and from mars these would be people that occasionally not only led us down a little bit but occasionally can hurt us a bit so we get into more of the nefarious stuff. But this is minimal. It doesn't happen often just enough to get you a little bit curious. And then jupiter. Jupiter the fifth planet from the sun and jupiter's the largest if she jupiter nice ratings but jupiter's is big so let's think of jupiter as kind of an inflated person. Someone that's kind of egotistical in Their friends and their decent friends but their own ego kinda gets in the way given meet anyone like that. That's an egotistical friends. But i'm trying to decide if those people are. My friends are a kind of far removed absorb. Yeah i feel like by the fest. Orbit leaker talking about acquaintance. But that's a good point because the more stupid that bhai that far out these are people that are kind of on that fence you know. Wish sometimes questioning their their you know fidelity and loyalty sometimes we're disappoint- the of these people. That would question but could they also be people that are not necessarily as close to generally like. I'm thinking of some people from different classes. That i take like gym classes for instance. I see them often. And i don't know that they're egotistical but it's like i don't really expect anything from them but i still have them as like people in my lice. Point is a great point. But i i guess i guess i'm talking about people that we have relationships with not acquaintances distinction what we're talking about. Today's relationships versus acquaintance and acquaintances. We really don't know we don't have enough data. They might be good. People might be bad people but we're not really hanging around. That much to find out so acquaintances could become good friends or they might just stay acquaintances or just extinguish at some point. Got got it okay. So now we go to the furthest planets saturn uranus in tune the outer planets notice. I didn't put pluto in their distress on a planet anymore. It's very sad but it's been. It's been demoted. It's not considered a planet. The a lot of people fighting to bring poodle back in the fold. I think are really trivial. Site fatty having right now. All right okay. Back to our or the saturn uranus and neptune. These are the dangerous people. These are the toxic people and from saturn. We go to more toxicity to uranus uranus more toxicity to neptune neptune by the way that's the furthest planet out these are people left really do hurt us and probably want to hurt us. That's why their orbits are so far out in you know so saturn uranus neptune. Those are the people that do hurt us in. It's questionable whether or not they heard us intention. And so so i know you're sitting there saying but why would we wanna keep saturn uranus and people in our in our lives i watch. Aren't you thinking that. Tell me tell me was stupid. I mean have you ever had that experience where you know someone is bad for you but be the because of history or the circumstances you just you make that phone call in but sometimes we we just don't want to let go of relationships for various reasons do not healthy so being serious said that were stupid mentally. Psychologically yeah put that in quotes. Psychological stupidity means allowing yourself to be unconscious in a willful way. I mean you know you're dealing with fire but you put your hand in the fire. But what if your expectations are clear. And it's you don't you can't get hurt by someone. If you have high expectations jumping ahead man see you getting it. You're getting the whole concept of orbits fall. I've had like twenty years to think about it since our charlie brown's experience When you are so with. I would ring the gong if i knew you wouldn't get upset but no i like you too. Now i know exclamation point lauren. Just hit the nail on head which i will explain in.

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