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Elaine Cobb. CBS NEWS PARIS, The 20th anniversary of 9 11 is just three days away, and the man who says he organized the terror attacks just made his first public appearance in months. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co defendants are accused of helping hijackers attended military court hearing in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. CBS's Catherine had ridge with more I was about 15 yards from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The self described architect of the attacks. He looked much older, thinner, his beard long and grey tinted an orangey red on the sides as the lead defendant. He sits closest to the military judge. I was already out of the courtroom, but at one point, he waved to at least one journalist. The trial for the men comes as New York authorities identify the remains of two more victims of the 9 11 attacks 20 years later. Three communities in western Massachusetts are teaming up to combat allowed and dangerous problem WBZ. John Bay back is in the Springfield bureau, the three community Springfield, Chicopee and Holyoke, all with high volumes of illegal dirt bikers, making life miserable for drivers and even people walking down the middle of the street. The communities, all proposing measures that would allow them to restrict the sale of gasoline for the illegal vehicles. But one gas station owner Bob Baltic of Pride Gas Station, says that while it all sounds reasonable, all gas station owners are united in their opposition. Measure calls for clerks to enforce the ordinance, Baldick says. That's a police duty, though, and something that his teenage clerk should stay far away from no word on when any of the hearing dates have been set for. In the Springfield bureau. John Buyback WBZ Boston's NewsRadio It's 10 20. Britney.

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