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Throw a few inches possible in the bullpen before. So obviously intensities different and things like that. But you know, I came here yesterday. Make sure everything's good. Should be good Hyun Jin Ryu and Walker. Bueller? Scheduled for games two and three for the dodgers. While the socks give the ball Chris sale in the series opener. Followed by David price on the ice, the capital's took down the cannot spy to the jets outlasted the blues and overtime the avalanche skated passed the flyers four one and the hurricanes handled the Red Wings three to one finally Kansas is the top ranked team in the AP preseason. Top twenty five basketball poll Kentucky, Gonzaga, Duke and Virginia round out the top five. I'm John fans on fantasy football every Saturday night at ten P M eastern, seven PM Pacific on CBS sports radio. You're listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence. Question marks all over the NFL. We got teams with multiple personalities, and they're trying to figure out what their strengths are what their weaknesses are where they have stayed don't flaws and how guys them as much as possible. No one claims to play off spot and no team has been eliminated from the playoffs. Still a long way to go. We'll the real Pittsburgh Steelers. Please stand up. He's.

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