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Cuomo resigned, but He, too, is facing charges of sexual harassment. The covid stuff. I mean, he's in a lot of legal pickles going on right now, so we thought we would have Jesse Weber, a good friend. He hosts the law and Crime network, and he's the co host of W War is always in fashion. Which airs right here on this radio station Saturday nights at eight o'clock and Sunday at seven o'clock, Jesse sorts all the legal stuff out for us. Good morning, Jesse. How you doing? Good morning, guys. Thanks for having me again. All right. So let me ask you Governor. Cuomo finally resigned last night. But this whole drama is not over with what legal questions. Does Governor Cuomo face ex Governor Cuomo? I should say face. Well, yeah, even though he resigned, And even though there's no calls for impeachment anymore, they are still going to deliver an impeachment report that's going to be handed out. He's still under investigation by state prosecutors for allegedly forcibly touching these women or any kind of counts that might rise to the criminal level. And then, of course, you know, there's the whole issue of the nursing homes. That's still being investigated as well. And I got to say when you're watching him resigning. It's really different than he was two weeks ago where, he said, If I made anyone uncomfortable, I apologize. I apologize and here, he said. He's basically the victim. He's a victim of a political hit job. I know he's going to continue to fight this and try to change the narrative that he might think by stepping away. This is his best move. I'm curious to see where he goes there. But he knows that he's going to have to spend all day every day focusing on these different legal pin ING's that are around him right now. It's not a great position to be it if you're Andrew Cuomo. Do you? Uh, Do you see him in any way winding up in jail from any of this? Ah, there's a lot of hoops to jump through before that happens. But when you do talk about something like forcible touching, which is what is alleged about what happened in the governor's governor's mansion. That is criminal conduct. There is prison time associated with that Now, if he was if he took a plea deal if he was convicted, would prison time ultimately happened? Difficult to say. Is it a possibility? Given what we know? Absolutely. I just don't know if we're going to get to that level. Yes. Well, Jesse. What about what about having the AIDS on taxpayers? Dime writing his book? Is that criminal? It could be. It could be. I mean, using state funds for personal use is we've seen different politicians get in trouble for that before. But again, is it that level of egregiousness that would rise to criminal conduct? You know, you might say something doesn't smell right. And doesn't look right but actually going forward with a criminal prosecution. A lot of times you see cases where you wonder why it's not prosecuted, and the prosecutors know why you have to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Always that's the standard and if they feel they can't reach that. They might not go that route, but he could still face a number of different lawsuits. Don't forget that. I mean, he could face a lot of different justice in the civil arena for what he's accused of doing. Hey, Jesse, this R Kelly trial That's going on in Brooklyn. I mean, every day, some salacious details coming out. Granted, it's just one side presenting their case thus far, But, man, it just looks awful every single day as far as the things that Kelly is accused of doing. The allegations are so egregious, so disturbing that you wonder you defense. Are you really saying these women made this up? Let's not forget what they're saying. They're saying these women were jilted by making this up. It seems like an unbelievable argument when you're hearing this really grotesque behavior and disturbing an abusive behavior on the part of the defendant, and when we talk about a charge like racketeering The prosecution only needs to prove to of the 14 underlying acts in order to convict him of racketeering. They so far are putting forward a very strong case that When you compare it to something like Harvey Weinstein, it is backed up by more evidence, and maybe more physical evidence that I just feel that this federal case against R. Kelly looks even stronger than it. Would the Harvey Weinstein case in New York. And yes, that was a state case, and there was different charges there. I just feel the prosecution is putting forward just a mountain of evidence right now. That's going to be hard for the defense to overcome. Well, speaking of Harvey Weinstein, so he's up in L. A. He's standing trial. They're the one thing I don't get. The Jesse is Harvey's been convicted. He's going to be in jail for the rest of his life. We know that. Why pursue me in L. A Well, it's important because two reasons one anything could happen with his New York case. I know he appealed back to those convictions. Who knows what could happen? I don't think he's going to be successful. But look what happened with Bill Cosby. So now you want him in L A remember. The idea is to keep Harvey Weinstein behind bars, but number two, and this is the more important aspect. All of those alleged victims in L. A. They need to be accounted for Just because he's serving prison time for other crimes doesn't mean that they shouldn't have a voice that their crimes aren't important. You need to prosecute him for any criminal wrongdoing. And just because he's in prison for other crimes doesn't mean you don't go after him on other conduct as well. So what was the new charge that was instituted yesterday against him? Well, it's not new. It's a charge that he was already facing in regards to a sexual battery in 2010. Originally the judge threw it out because it was too old. It was beyond the statute of limitations. Now there was a 10 year statute limitations, and originally, the prosecutors did file it on time. But due to kind of a legal complication, they didn't put the right language in and they had to amend it, Refile it. It's part of a continuous criminal conduct. That's what the grand jury came back with last week, and by all accounts this Charge is now going to stick. So while his defense team kind of did a victory lap a week a week ago and said, no, we got this charge thrown out. I think it's going to stick now, and he is ultimately going to be facing back 11 charges in L. A All right. Jesse Weber. He's a host on the law and Crime network, and he co hosts W. O. R is always in fashion, which airs Saturday, eight o'clock Sunday at seven o'clock, and Jessie What's on your show this weekend. 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