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Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Baltimore discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Tony dungee will join us on loan from NBC sports here in a moment. Continental tire coaches corner. Couple of tweets here. Sam see writer worst of the weekend. Packers losing to the bears extending their road. Losses and dashing fleeting playoff hopes. Best of the weekend bears ensuring the NFC north title stays with an outdoor team orange block tweets best of the weekend. Clo- max sacking Aaron Rodgers on his back with his back. Worst of the weekend. Buccaneers making the playoffs missing the playoffs for the eleventh consecutive season. Their only behind the Browns for the longest playoff drought. That situation to you wonder we I was also watching the pregame shows and all of a sudden Baltimore doesn't want Joe flacco. But everybody else wants Joe flacco, you know, the judge might be an on that Denver could be on on that Jacksonville could be on on that Tampa could be an on like, wow. And it's a unique situation. When you watch the ravens there there's never been a running quarterback like Lamar Jackson hasn't. I mean there guys who are really good at running. But you he's going to have more Russia's I believe in any other quarterback in the last fifty years and in today's throw I throw second run third offense. That's pretty amazing. And to be able to you know, you've got Jared out on in a Josh Allen in buffalo. He's running the football too. I mean, these these guys if they had a full season would brush for thousand yards. It feels like that's not what I want out of my quarterback. But that's what you're getting with Baltimore. And it's been successful. They're staying in the playoff chase. Campo? Lavar Jackson and five starts has five hundred sixty six yards rushing. Yeah. And what's goin' have? He didn't have a great game yesterday running. But they you know, they still won the game. You gotta make cleven. Okay. Josh Allens run for five hundred six yards on the season. Okay. Sixteen s knew he had that run of he had three basic one hundred yard games in a row Trubisky. Ran a lot early in the season two, but he got dinged up. I mean, it's going to happen. You have to be special to be able to run my design running plays because a lot of times you'll see quarterbacks run, but it's more of a designed run. But it's you know, Russell Wilson has designed runs Cam has designed runs, but there's also that run pass option there. Yes. He I thought running quarterbacks was the bad thing. It is. It is like eventually you're going to tune into a game. And you're gonna see Lamar Jackson splattered. I mean that that it happens to everyone of these quarterbacks, but he is so athletic. This is why you drafted him. And that I give Baltimore credit. You drafted him because he's able to use his legs. But eventually he's going to have to make a play with his arm, certainly. If you get to the playoffs you're gonna have to make a play Yan, mclovin. A little hot take. I think the rookie salary cap helps us because if they had to pay sixty million for Josh Allen. There's no way they're lying runs. Fifteen times a game. Like, it's not do or die that these quarterbacks say, I don't I don't I don't want him running. I know he's running for survival. But eventually he's going to be have to be a pocket quarterback. Lamar jackson. This may be just who he is. I mean, he's he's unique. But I want to use his weapons I don't want to say, hey, I I'm worried about you getting hurt. I want you to put pressure on the defense. And if I'm smart as a coach I put him in positions where less likely to get hurt the percentages are in our favor. And that's what you want gambling the March Jackson's averaging about ninety yards a game rushing and his five starts that would put him second the league to Zeki Elliott and a half yard ahead of Todd Gurley yards rushing per game. Mazing I got a stat of the day. Then we'll get to Tony Dungy. Seton fire up the. Music via would please..

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Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Baltimore discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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