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I mean most people or many people including myself improbably. You are going to know her from her famous role in the abc sitcom full house. Course did you watch house. Of course. I did an becky and uncle uncle jesse yes while she was cast in the show from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety five because her carrots high now as we said she was cast as becky and she was initially set for just a six episode arc but she became a regular after becoming a very popular character on the of. What did he say. Lord have mercy every time it. What did he say hammer. Yes lord have mercy right like every time. She looks good or something like that was his line. Laurie lafon also appeared in many other productions such as fuller house. She was in the reboot of nine to now hudson street and in case of emergency and in a number of other shows to say now. My favorite film with her was a movie called secret. Admirers have you heard of that. Nope well you know i love. Eighties flings be honest. This one was with thomas. Sowell and kelly preston and laughlin played tony and she was a secret admirer. They were in high school of michael. Who of course was in love with. Deborah played by kelly preston and it was like this cute little dynamic and she would write notes and stuff and of course it was cheesy. No one killed anyone. Nobody killed anyone. It was an adorable eighties movie but anyway back to laurie. That's a side note laurie. Married michael are burns. Who was an investment banker but they divorced shortly after in nineteen ninety-six. She met her. Now husband maasim. Oh giannoli in nineteen ninety five and they eloped. Not long after on thanksgiving in nineteen ninety-seven. Do you know who massimo is. I'm wearing muslim pants right now. I remember target used to have we to love that line. that was. That was my favorite line. I'm not gonna lie. And target those my favorite line bringing that maasim ojea newly was the creator of the muslim. Oh clothing line that amien. I both loved from target and pacific. On where oh okay no. I didn't remember the skater. Brand right like i don't know if he did that. One to be honest. Laughlin became the stepmother to johnny johnny lee son from a previous relationship and mossy mo and. Laurie eventually had two daughters together. Isabella rose and olivia jade. And they're really going to become the focus of this week's episode. Have you seen a libya. Jade's youtube no. I have not okay because she has a youtube channel where she gives beauty tips and she has an instagram account where she has over a million followers on both our instagram and youtube channel. So she's pretty leaders and influence influencer. Yes she is and she's sharing her beauty tips. Her sister isabella rose is known as the more laid back and chill sister on march twelfth. Two thousand nineteen lori and massimo were to fifty people who were caught by the justice department in a nationwide college admission scandal later to be known as operation varsity blues which is really off because in that movie you had. Parents pushing their children But nobody really buying their kids into an education in fact it was the opposite..

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