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Great. So we're back GMT fencing football mason, and we were just going over the first five rounds of my one of two fantasy drive from last weekend and I gotta finish that out bring up the last round real quick. That way everybody knows what happened and then I'll talk about my whole entire team how I feel about it. So the last round. So around six was Antonio Gibson going at the top of the six round, which is really quality pickup because if you haven't realized by this time around, it's Almost. It'll be Tuesday when you hear this by Tuesday if you don't know I'm here to tell you I Adrian Peterson is no longer on the Washington professional football team he was released and now agent Peterson plays for. Detroit. He plays where Detroit right? So he just got signed there. and. Now. Antonio Gibson seems to be the one guy in that backfield who has a real chance of doing some major volume numbers because reminder of dairy guys. Really, a part of the team right now for multiple reasons and you can look up those reasons yourself so. Antonio Gibson seems to be a guy that might be in that. You know in that running back territory that looks like he's going to get a lot of bump lot of gas. He might be the sleeper of the season really if it's a late sleeper to. So next Jimmy Garoppolo went, which was One. Of the younger younger guys he we try to give them some experience man but it was a bad drafter. So Jimmy Garoppolo in the Matt Ryan went then Tarik Cohen to Rico and went then drew brees Josh Allen. Tyler Boyd which is a good draft pick. Tom, Brady I took cam acres here. So I was really happy about that pick feel like people are kind of sleeping on him and we all know the ram they're trying to do the running back by committee thing but I also feel like the rams type of team. But if you're the one that has the gas, they are going to run you. The most they're going to figure out that you can handle the workload and they're not going to be afraid to use you I. Think Camakers is that Guy Cam Newton went directly afterwards. Jay Dobbins. Went after Cam, Newton Jerry Cook went Jarvis Landry went and then Aaron Rodgers so one. Two. Three, four, five. Six seven quarterbacks went and a fourteen man league in round six that is what you call. Old, man. I don't have a quarterback yet. That's would you call that in a draft but? I shore that was what happened in my ESPN fantasy league draft of fourteen people to tell you what everything else as far as my team goes. Dak Prescott at quarterback. Got Him. In the fifth round I got Alvin Kamara I overall. Or first round in my pig at pick number six, I got James Connor around the fourth-round. Kennedy. I. Got Him Second. In my second round pick and then I got Amari Cooper third. I. Ended Up Getting Austin Hooper closer to the back end of the rounds and he fell very very, very low and I kept sitting on it because I didn't think people are going to take him considering that they didn't get him at higher eighty. So I just waited and I wanted to see what would happen and I feel like hooper might be a really good pickup considering the fact that. You know he's a good target but I do have fears that you know having good wide receiver in Julio Jones. He kind of was fed the ball by design of the system or by proxy of being next to Julio Jones and not because he's this amazing receiving tied in but I still think he'll get some numbers because these around in a lot of other talent to and I think that in a play action system that looks like Cleveland is trying to implement this year I. Think he'll be a good decision to get him involved in into the big target. He'll be open in midfield more often than not I got cam makers look I said in the six round I ended up picking up the chiefs defense now. I didn't put a lot of thought into it besides this said, you know the chiefs score in bunches on offense teams are going to have to throw the ball against them in order to compete. And when there are people are throwing the ball sometimes, they're not the best at throwing the football and they might give up 'cause the interceptions and things like that. So that's what I thought about. Also sacks gotta do sex pick the chiefs defense for that. Greg's kicker. Doesn't really matter I was really sad I didn't get We'll let. You know best kicker and fantasy football as far. Concern in my favorite kicker of course, because he's on the new, Orleans couldn't get him Saturdays on my bench though this is where things get dicey. So I have David Montgomery on my bench I think that's a solid bench pickup considering that I think that he will be equality running back number two when it's all said and done and I'm kind of stashing him because between him and. CAMAKERS WANNA see who's going to earn my flecked spot and I'll try and ship the other one off to help around out my wide receivers because although I like Kenny Golladay a lot I think mark Cooper is really good. I just don't know if Amari cooper will be the bona fide number one night we think or maybe cd-rom comes up and tries to sweep it under the rug and you know basically ruined my chances that fantasy. You know amazing meant fantasy fulfillment. There we go. alliteration fantasy fulfillment like I want to. I Have Preston, Williams on my bench. I think he will be an interesting guy because before the injury he was really one of the better receiving options on Miami. He was getting a lot of yards and devante Parker really wasn't about all that action. But as soon as he got hurt devante Parker basically ascended into this whoever he is right now I'm not sure devante Parker is. That guy and I want to believe that person Williams who he showed us who he was beforehand and I hope that he's all healed up ready to go and I just picked him because I believe that people kinda slept on them because he dig it hurt and it was at a large charter because the season that has left so people kinda just flew in by the wayside. drafted. Alexander Madison only because of the rumors about diving cook now, Dalvin Cook scares me as a player. I would never dropped him this year personally even though I like his game and I think he is when he plays he's really great when he's on the field is really great but injury prone. And he's in a contract negotiation thing. But I think he's GonNa play but I drafted Antonio Gibson or Alexander Madison..

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