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B. B. E. L. dot com. confirm a police officer shot and killed over the weekend was not killed by a suspect NYPD officer Brian ball team who died in the struggle with an armed man was killed by friendly fire police commissioner James o'neil says small keen in that struggle fired five shots from his gun but talk to McCain's partners fight ten rounds into those rounds. drug closer monkey officer mall keen was wearing a bullet proof vest that night the suspect in the case Antonio Williams was also killed o'neill says there is more investigating that needs to be done including looking at police body cam footage this is the second NYPD officer the sheer chilled on duty by friendly fire in New York City colonel Scott fox news for ya software engineer is pleaded guilty to hacking into the accounts of some six thousand Yahoo users in search or sexual photos and videos the US attorney's office says Ryan Daniel Ruiz admitted in court that he mostly target account long to younger women Chicago about to become the largest US city to eliminate fees for overdue library books and other items in an effort to remove barriers that deterrent low income people and at risk youth Laurie Lightfoot also announcing the Chicago public library will also erase any outstanding overdue fees a wrong turn leads one young runner to victory it's okay global a bit longer than expected to finish his five K. race in Minnesota but that's only because he was busy accidentally winning a ten K. race levels mothers started to worry when he didn't cross the finish line of the Francis Franny fire five K. young kids as a woman told him to keep going when he approached the five K. turn so we did just by his confusion race organizer's told Kate's mother he finished in first place as he thought they meant in his age group but he won the entire race fox's John saucier reporting.

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