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This picture of tom. Brady and tony dungy. What was that from was from the hall of fame. Dude you put that on our account just saying something about how. They looked like aliens they did. They both have the whitest is i've ever seen in my life. It is spooky. What's happening there. it has just arrived on everyone's doorstep. The same way are the scientologists. what did they. They looked like they. Their faces stretched out in a way. That doesn't seem human. They there looked like there impersonating humans. We talked about this yesterday. Dan everything that you put it in your face is going to catch up with you eventually caught up to cristiano ronaldo sooner than it has old. Tom put it on the poll. Gamma please at lebatardshow is anything you put on your put in your face going catch up to you eventually but dungy looks kind of scary to like. You can't tell me that. Tony dungy has bow talks. You know what's happening there. You ever been in a really dark room. And someone decides to take a photo of you and then the flash comes on. That's the face you always make now. Tom brady has got a couple of different things going on there. But don't don't he kind of looks like a ghoul okay. I think that's a very strong word. I said kinda all right like blair witch project when they turn a corner and had a flashlight real quick. Did i see that and it might be tony. Dungy's he like tom. Brady's ratio of white to eyeball like color is very often this picture. I think that's kinda spooky is like. He's got a lot of whites of his eyes. And then the iris is just very small hunting. There's a distinct absence of eyelid. In this picture yeah. That's really the issue here. I think it's tom brady's teeth you only see the top row. He smiling and it's like only throwing us that's true. I didn't even notice more on the outside in the this is like a work of art where everyone sees something different when they kevin.

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