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TV services off come says the change marks a major shift. In people's viewing habits the media regulators chief executive Sharon white says Britain's broadcasters need to. Work together if they're going to compete with, love to save wish broadcasters so the BBC working collaboratively with IT with cello hall cello five so. They've got that scale to compete globally making shows together BBC news has learned a forthcoming government report will predict that, traffic on Britain's roads could increase by more than sixty percent in the next twenty five years critics. Say this is a significant over estimate, and. Fails to take into account the people generally driving much less his. Our environment analyst Roger harrabin, the government will forecast next week the drivers collectively will be doing up to four hundred billion miles, a year by twenty forty that intern will influence spending on roads. But traveled choices are changing a government, funded research group the commission on transport demand says we make sixteen percent, fewer car trips than in nineteen Ninety-six may known to, thirty traveling only, half the. Miles their farthest, did many factors play including the recession travel costs concern for the environment homeworking and even Uber. The government says it has taken these into account and its, forecasts. But the commission says it's time to stop, thinking about how How many roads to build and start thinking how we want to live and. Then arranging transport to fit that researchers say there's virtually, no evidence that taking omega three, fish oil supplements, prevents heart, disease or strokes a review which examined trial, data for more than one hundred thousand people concluded the chance of, deriving any meaningful health benefit from the supplements was one thousand The official history of earth has been given a new chapter geologists have, classified the last four thousand two, hundred years as being a distinct age in the story the planet they're calling it the. Mega leeann age after a northern Indian state where evidence of its onset was detected. In stalagmites his science correspondent Jonathan Amos geologists divide up, the four point six billion year existence of earth into slices of time each slice corresponding to significant happenings such as the break-up of. Continents dramatic shifts in climate and even the emergence of particular, types of animals and plant life we live in what's called the Holocene which reflects everything that's happened over the past eleven, thousand seven hundred years since the last ice age but the Holocene itself can be subdivided and the international commission on strategic Griffey official keepers of geological time have determined the last forty two. Hundred years should now be called the mega land stage They, say it's onset was marked by a mega drought the crush civilizations worldwide and. That the effects of left a defining Mark sediments a high profile plastic surgeon in Brazil known as Dr boom boom has gone on the run after a patient, died following, injections to enlarge her bottom Dr Dennis for Todd oh the forty six year old woman to hospital in Rio de Janeiro where she developed, complications on, Sunday but he then disappeared, a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest the time is now nine minutes past, seven two days of parliamentary votes, on Brexit related legislation but yesterday the only amendment that pro European conservative rebels one was. To keep the UK and the European Medicines Agency the one that would have had. Significant implications for the government's position was defeated the idea, of staying in a customs union if there's no agreement with the EU in January on cheating friction Lewis trade well one of the. Tory rebels you voted for that amendment is the former minister The MP..

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