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Doctors and hospitals social workers questioned. Why disabled woman should be given full care. Advocates had pushed back now. Congress could see. The treatment in the hospital was not working. Sarah was desperately trying to communicate something. There was no smiles. It was mouth wide open. Arms clinched up tears running down her eyes and she was in distress. She was struggling to get air and you could just see the panic and fear in her eyes. She would rest for a few minutes. Take a nice calm breath for monette. Closer is in the wake up in absolute fear. She could not take a breath now. Congressman barnett agreed with the hospital team. It was time to start and of comfort care for sarah hours. Later on sunday morning a phone call woke up burnett at her home charge nurse just called me about three thirty in the morning and said i'm sorry to inform you that sarah passed away ceremonies. Sweeney didn't ni- covid nineteen. She was tested twice in the results. Were negative. She died of aspiration pneumonia. That's a serious medical condition. But usually it's treatable. Doctor told kimberly congress that sarah to the icu. It didn't happen that she needed to be put on a ventilator but then she wasn't the issue wasn't a shortage ventilators. We're gonna sending ventilators to new york. I don't feel a and this is my personal opinion. I feel like they didn't like she was worth that we ask the hospital. A spokesperson for providence will limit falls. Medical center. said we are not able to comment on the care of a specific patient and added. We are committed to providing compassionate appropriate an excellent care to all who come to us. Without regard to ability or disability in reporting on sarah mcsweeney npr and investigated about a dozen cases in oregon. We talked a warrior. State officials doctors service providers and people with disabilities. We made public records. Request we've found multiple cases in oregon. Where people with disabilities and the elderly people were denied hospital. Care or treatment or pressure to sign a do not resuscitate order in march disability rights oregon received another complaint and investigated and substantiated. That's lawyer jake cornet talking to. Npr about another case when he told state lawmakers about in june a case in another hospital in another part of the state of another woman with a disability being inappropriately influenced about life sustaining medical treatment. He says the doctor pressured the woman to sign an order to forego lifesaving care the woman with an intellectual disability needed to be on a ventilator n fast but a doctor at the hospital in pendleton oregon objected and the physician in that case talked about the low quality of life of the person with a disability cornet runs a federally funded legal group disability rights oregon it protects the rights of people with disabilities cornets attorneys. Got the woman transferred to another hospital. One that put her on a ventilator. After being very very sick she survived in another case. Staff at a group home took a sixty four year old man to the hospital with symptoms of covid nineteen. The man has a significant intellectual disability. He's a quadriplegic. He can't speak. He's fed through a tube. Serve zini who runs the group home agency says emergency room staff refused to test the man and one medical staffers said out loud and with anger giving the cova tests would be a waste of valuable. Ppg the didn't want to use their personal protective equipment for such a disabled man. People tend to think that are just is still being stories. That would never happen. But they do. And they have and they and they will. That's oregon state senator. Sara del sur testifying at that legislative hearing galster looked into these cases she wrote legislation that became a law in july. It said doctors and oregon cannot for someone with a disability to sign a do not resuscitate order. Someone like sarah mcsweeney so happy. And ooh fee and funny. The last word about serb mcsweeney goes to highly barnett. Who helped mcsweeney make decisions about what she wanted in her wife. I was lucky to know her for the last three years. And i got to know her and how she communicates and what's important to her and how. She jokes around now used to teaser. That she was a princess. And i was going to buy her a tier You know and and laugh you know. And and she was so much fun and and even though she had these medical issues she was vivacious. Facials shade just lift her life and she was a beautiful person.

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