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Ben Rica police officer has recovered after he was struck this weekend is car working an accident on I sixty four in the eastern state police say the officer wasn't his car in the left lane. When the accident happened Wednesday driver of the van has been identified as John O'Malley? Twenty nine of Mathews county was also transported for minor injuries and released later that day. A Molly was charged with reckless driving in the crash still remain under investigation. Police sergeant Keeley hill. It has been a rough year for officers and first responders on the roads with one Hanover firefighter, killed and four state police officers struck in the recent snowstorm it's going to be a rainy Friday as it has been already with potentially enough. Rain to move twenty eighteen into the second rainiest year on record this afternoon anywhere between fifteen to twenty five mile per hour winds, and we are looking at rain through the evening commute. Keep that in mind. Do need your rain gear. But it does look like it will move out this evening. Just a few lingering showers. NBC twelve is Meghan. Unwise says there may even be some thunder this afternoon, we needed less than an inch of rain and move into second place right now, we're right up against that number. It will be twenty nine teen barring something unusual happening before the federal government gets up and running the president upping the ante. Now, the president is threatening to shut down the southern border. He doesn't get money for the border wall. He's also threatening to cut aid from three Central American countries Honduras, El Salvador in Guatemala, he blames them for letting the migrants pass through ABC's. Tara Palmeri no voter scheduled in congress the head of homeland security at the southern border today. Amidst criticism for the death of two kids in US custody and the release of over a thousand migrants in L Paso, what we're seeing right now is that ice specifically has been so inundated doesn't have the capacity to house these migrants and because a local courts in US courts have dictated that children with families cannot be held for longer than twenty days. They've had to release. Them. So what they're doing? Now is just dropping them off in the center of El Paso. We've seen them in city parks and outside bus stations. ABC's MAC got men. Breaking news in California. Authorities say the man accused of killing a California.

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