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Yeah so i think i still gotta give it to little c we'll go little see gets seven and costco gets four wow cheeses up next cheese okay costco it goes both ways i don't think i doc the cheese for the look of it i got to go by taste on the cheese and they they really they really did a good job with that she slice that was and the pepperoni slice was also very good we talked a lot about the cheese one because that's what's unique to that place and i'm going to have to say that yeah we gotta give this one we gotta give this to costco costco gets costco is going to get a nine and a little see you should should've put more on there that's a six wow sauce sauce okay this one's easier little caesars gets a six and costco gets three dose trust dose less crust okay i loved the dough in the cheese beats of the deep dish that we had at at little caesars i think that was probably the best crust of the day yeah so i have to give it to them they did a good job on the crust of if they had just crisp the outside of a little bit more i really loved the consistency of the costco dodo though i feel like i get why that's a part of their thing we'll we'll rank them both hi let's do little caesars gets on eight and cost gets seven toppings toppings toppings toppings not enough pepperonis costco we talked about this a minute ago and it it i don't even need a lot of pepper ony but so i guess you know that's why doctorate appearance but will.

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