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In a more diverse environment at that time that I had previously, I could really see how having all those points of views at the table really made us a better team. It was it was fantastic totally and I think a lot of times I'm thinking through marketing head space but I think we're talking to so many different types of people everyone looking at me with think I'm. White and I get it. I look really white is especially now I haven't been in the sonnen stain in most of the time but I mean the fact is no one would realize I I'm probably more like Heinz fifty seven right and you know my my mom is Mexican. My Dad's German Polish all these other things mixed in and the thing is too. It's not just about. Diversity within your actual workforce. But if you're workplaces diverse than you're going to be able to speak to more people that are your audience and possible customers or clients. So what do you think about that? Like that to me is one of the things I think people miss I've hardly ever seen an entrepreneur that says, no, I don't want more business. So like how do you think it affects the end live reaching your clients and reaching the right people to make sure you have diverse mindset yes. Oh I, like one thing that I think especially with our Youtube argue to just came out with two days ago yesterday to. Is Representation matters like that is huge with diverse populations. Give you see yourself in these positions or you see yourself in these spaces than you like right than that is how you get there and I think out now and I think that is a big thing and we you know what I like with our Youtube. It was Kinda like this idea like this representation, we want to teach people but like it, that's really what it's been doing you know and and so I think that's a big a big key to takeaway when you're diversifying not only just in how you do things but also the people who are in Newark spaces. You know 'cause you coming from education in really trying to Trying to casino like education teaching people how to. Best serve the populations they wanNA serve and my background being in social work and my backer mostly being like macro level social work. So it's a lot of system level like how do you work a lot with with really high foundations and regional you know organizations and how how do these.

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