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Spa dot com of our listeners go to that website. They're going to see a diligent client. He's very coach -able, who has a no-brainer on their website. Yep. That, right. There is a sign of a great coaching client, when they're willing to come out with a great offer. Dr brick talk about the, the no brainer offer that you're offering at Dr breath dot com. Right. So we have are no brainer. Is that you can come into the clinic for a free consultation exam x. Ray therapy and first treatment all at no cost, no obligation. How's that working for you working? Great. How's it worked for the clients? I think they love it. Have you been growing the last year and a half or so? Definitely how much have you grown as a percentage, as a percentage? Well we're somewhere between a hundred fifty to two hundred percent. I mean, we've, we've almost doubled some months of have been double, and then some just under. But yeah, we're, we're pretty close to double month after month. So before we get back into this testimonial with Kalis stairs, and sharing about the client that he works with Tim scotch. I just want to encourage everybody out there to think about this for second in our country. Jason official United States population right now that we know about. I mean, obviously, there's other people who are here that we don't maybe document or know about, but. What's the number you could find there? My friend of you've found a number as of two thousand eighteen was three hundred and twenty seven point two million people. Okay. So let's think about that for a second. There's three hundred and twenty seven million people, and of those three hundred twenty seven million what we know right now is roughly ten percent of our population starts a business. Now, why I'm not going to go with the hard stat on that is because nine out of ten businesses according to Forbes fail. So there's a lot of LLC starting a lot of them ending a lot of them opening a lot of them shutting down. All I'm saying is it if you're out there and you want to start a business about only about just ten percent of the population actually do it now according to Forbes sixty seven percent of people want to start a business, but yet only really one at a ten actually do it. But think about that nine of those fail, which means that you only have statistically one percent chance of achieving the American dream and having your own successful company. So if you are. Crazy enough to be in that ten percent of people that actually go out there and start a business. If you're crazy enough. You're listening today and you're going, I am crazy. I mean, if you're the kind of guy who you know, you've thought about huffing glue. You say no, you've thought about doing. Bungee jumping, you said. No, no, no, not risky enough. If he's I thought I've thought about jumping out of a perfectly perfectly good plane with a parachute, and he say, no not enough. Adrenaline for me if you've thought about pumping gas, while smoking, but you say no, there's just not enough adrenaline there, if you have thought about going down the freeway, sixty five miles an hour in reverse new thought. No, there's not enough risk. If you've thought about ice fishing on lake that is barely frozen. If you are that you say I throw caution to the wind because those things aren't nearly risky enough. And I have started a business because I love the risk. If you're that kind of crazy person, but you were you legitimately one percent, chance of making it Dr break..

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