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Jim melwert with us on reporter's roundup five day forecast meteorologist lauren casey with us lauren delightful weather but we still have some advisories in effect yeah we do have a red flag warning in effect danda airquality alert isn't effect for much of the afternoon hours because of the dry weather and also because of the hot weather it is unhealthy for sensitive groups so be sure to take it easy we're dealing with this warmth but otherwise as we head into tonight mostly clear mild winds decreasing low temperature at sixty seven degrees for thursday mostly sunny hot and humid with a stray late day thunderstorm a high temperature of ninety degrees would tie the record set back in two thousand and one on friday partly sunny hot and humid once again with an evening thunderstorm possible a high temperature backup at record territory at eighty nine degrees not as hot as we head into saturday at mixed sunny clouds breezy with some scattered showers and thunderstorms the high temperature at eighty sunday mostly cloudy with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm a high temperature back closer to average at seventy two and by monday we're mostly sunny and seasonable with a high near seventy warren casey with this reporter's roundup thanks again thank you you're listening to reporter's roundup we'll have more in a moment and before we go to traffic let's give you an update on one of the stories in the first segment of reporter's roundup the suspect that was wanted in that the double murder in upper bucks county once found late this afternoon a he was pronounced dead at a piscopo hospital result drug overdose daniel mooney was his name and they say that he was the suspected kyw news time nine eleven memorial day.

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