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Thursday of last week in those balloons that are still the balloons at boomer. And i got jerry last week. Why wouldn't they still be here. I mean we just got them for you on. Brian's like this all over the place. Yeah i know but we got you those we we were inspired by the balloons are out there but those are nuked them up and brought them and thank you one of the things that i might have a hard time. Understanding is why you would leave the pulse of the people here not taking home and share it with your family. I feel like. I should share it with everybody. Okay and it's on. Tv looks good. Yours is yours has been sitting there for years. That's one of them to three. I think. I i i yeah i even during one one now yeah. I took myself out of the running. Crooked would shoot down eleven. that's it silence. You're what you're talking about so yours is sitting right there for seven years. I'm sorry but i turn y you know what it is. I turned one down. Is what it was. You only have one and you haven't taken it home. Why did take it on board of bat. It's weird that we have winners from two thousand eight through ten. I thought that the first one we did was Two thousand eleven. It's a little chaotic. Just slightly as jerry is back. He's got an update. What's going on jerry. You're brought to you by winters. Brothers waste system long island's number one choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters b. r. o. s. dot com yankees. Got out to a good start last night at the stadium. Here's the o. To swung on and hit on the left and date that balls high bar. It's glacier day again and like a good flavor toro's is there no he homers of perez and. Yeah gave him the yankees. A nice early lead have no intercourse at all with the manager of the players. Not this year. John on the fan both times Yankees winning nine to one as they pummeled boston to two of three over the weekend we know of course the whole situation on thursday glacier towards the home run rig no door a home run a big game and ryan the mark cap the scoring late. Heroes aaron boone. Really figured things out after the cova issues hit them on thursday. You got to be able to adapt know based on personnel and things like that and the guys did a really good job tonight of of doing some small thing or one of those guys was oh door to hits including a home run. He was all over. The base paths in terms of the homerun hit a long way. He says he was on it. And that's additional was just trying to do that. He told me and then ten guy he headed far. As a matter of fact. I jameson tile and five and a third for the witnesses great contribution greg alan ryan lamar. I mean these guys coming up sitting right in putting the competitive at bats putting their body on the line in the outfield stuff like that It's been fun to watch green up big. Sure sure a lot of guys. I contributed this weekend for sure yankees now. Seven games behind boston in the al east. They get the phillies tomorrow after they enjoy a nice solid day off as for the mets last hour we heard from wayne randazzo this hour. I give you gary thorne mets down early six. Nothing come back in the nine years. Hillary on the way that is in their wall pushed up in the air. Way back feel way back. Rodriguez centerfield done florida. Get such score ahead of him and how about that. It is a seven to six met. Lead the orioles anymore yeah. I don't know what's going on with this. I mean. I thought he did those a fulltime orioles broadcast. Unless he's not he's not anymore. I don't know the answer that he for a long time he was. That was gary thorne. S and why filling in for gary cohen. Now twenty four hours prior or less than twenty hours pla prior the mets had a big lead the lead disappeared and then it disappeared in a losing way in the ninth. Gary thorne again. They said a walk popped out into a double play puts that one up in the air down the line or did he. That's it is gone. D has surrendered a grand slam home. Run yeah in grace no member he was gonna flush the bad loving. He flushed it already remember. He's i'm onto the next one. Yeah alan woods. now it's really bad anyway. Gary thorne not doing orioles anymore. He's not no no kidding. Twenty twenty was last year. Wow who knew okay. Anyway gary thorne bowl times on s. and y so the horrendous low saturday the fund went on sunday here was conforto between door being hurt. The degrom news everything. That's gone on adversity. Not a bad thing. You know it's only brings closer together and We'll keep the keep the ship steady until those guys back. But until then we got grinded up and he says Meant a lot actually come up with that. Swing one for me being one for the team. Happy flight to cincinnati and keep the same role. Take on the red. Starting tonight travis. Blanket horn a pinch three run homer in this game. Dominic smith double and rbi runs scored three hits on the day. Jerry's familiar to scoreless innings for the win. Trevor may did close out the game in the bottom. Half here was louis. Ross really needed out of the group. I mean this is another good sign a of a team. We are right. All their forty eight and forty two they have a two game lead on the phillies atop the nfl. You got jared i. Cough and vladimir gutierrez ross was injected yesterday along with taiwan walker in the first inning for that fair foul ball. Whatever you wanna call it down the line. Go get suspended for that. Doing i do have to have pie. You get suspended the deal. I would think so. I don't think it's going to be a you. Know a seven game suspension. But he'll get maybe two games go appeal it and get a game. Would you say something. Jared you ever in your coaching days after bumping empire. Now even in your angriest moments get right up their chest to chest. No the closest. I ever got to even being thrown out was when i ask for clarification of the strike zone. Be clear we're going knees to the letters. We're not gone feet to the helmet. He didn't find amusing. And did you get tossed warning. Got a warning okay to we don't argue balls and strikes. I said fine. Can we argue the strike zone. No different michael. I know different. Take that you were trying to go with their get under his skin. One of the worst umpires we ever had any was route. Sob to really like he. Mr authority youth baseball. Stop chart todd. He being charges fine. But like you know this isn't this isn't major league baseball goto when you really someone really gets on your nerves drop dead dude drop dead dune what can i tell you not as me kicked out and the only time i was warned being kicked out like directly warned was for my assistant. Coach was yelling. He goes he doesn't stop. You're out but what. I do drop dead exactly. You know what drop dead pay me my money and let me get out of here and if you don't like it drop dead right away drop dead seriously you a holes out there. God just drop dead and go away knocked dead. You know i. I did say. Jared tweet that i saw this week from rick ricky. Survey i responded. Yeah you did a did respond and it was. It was the perfect. Would ricky treve say boomer. I'll find it down there. And i thought this would be on your headstone. Basically a world. We'll all be dead and forgotten one day so nothing really matters. Yeah that should be on your headstone that you'll be on my headstone. But i think that that's right. Yeah that is his. Mo jerry's thesis statement every day not metzer in cincinnati tonight. Jared i cough vladimir gutierrez. Who one day..

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