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An incentive to not give up on this and to continue to push the public health measures you're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed the comb. Oh, evening news. Come on news time. Six out too good evening to you. We have cloudy skies. Still, Some scattered showers are current downtown Seattle temperature 46 degrees. I'm Rick fantasized ELISA Jaffe with the week off and in the news cuts forced by covert and major changes to the police department. Among the big issues on the 2021 Seattle City budget, which come was Ryan Harris says. Was approved by 8 to 1 City Council vote just a little bit again. The cuts proposed for Seattle police amount to nearly 20% and include moving 911 and parking enforcement out of SPD, which the council approved in a separate bill. Many public commenters aligned with council member Shama Sawant are unhappy. The cuts aren't bigger. But council member Deborah War is calls 50% police de funding a slogan When you undo these type of racist institutions, it doesn't happen because you have a chance in a T shirt. It's being in the trench. She's in. Some of us have been there a long time moving forward Marchi towards a plan to do right by everybody. The council did have to make cuts to different departments because tax revenue has dropped during the pandemic. But it also approved an increase in the city's $20 tab. Feet of $40 to go toward transportation improvements. Ryan Harris, Come on, is And Mayor Jenny Durkin says she will sign that budget restaurants won't be able to have indoor dining for released the next few weeks. Combos Charlie Harder tells us now A bipartisan group of lawmakers say the hospitality industry needs a bailout. Restaurant owners, workers and their counterparts in the hotel industry are in deep financial trouble right now Republican State representative Genome Mosbacher runs a hotel and golden Dale and said she's appreciative of the governor's announcement last week. Of $135 million in support for the hospitality industry, But it's just simply not enough in an industry that's been hit this hard and is no threat of closing. Democratic states and Eric Karen Keiser says action must be taken. We're going to have people's holidays ruined their dreams ruined. Both sides say it will be one of the top priorities of the state Legislature, either in a special session soon, or the regular session that starts in January. Charlie. Harder come. Oh, news, And today we're learning the pandemic is causing more people in Washington to go hungry and making it harder for them to get help that part of our coverage now from comas who Romero That's the finding of a new study out of W S U. Researcher Laura Lewis is the first Washington State Food Security survey found that 30% or 2.2, million people reported experiencing food struggles. Four months into the pandemic Crier kick hope did we thought rates that probably ranged between Cannon 15. Percent of food security in Washington state, Lewis says some of the biggest challenges to getting food or that there are fewer food bank locations most or drive thru only, and remote learning means fewer students may be getting reduced or free lunches. Sue Romero come on news, and that brings our Cuomo news time to 604 and update on Cuomo. Traffic would do that for you every 10 minutes on the force. Here's Marina rack, Inger. It's a tough one South and I five, leaving South Center down towards the 5 16 interchange. They can't the Mines Road because of the long term collision in the right general purpose Lane and partially blocking the ramp. So I've been giving alternatives. I think Highway 99 South bound is still probably a decent choice as well as the West Valley Highway, depending on where you need to go on the South, down by five off ramp to North East 80th, the north Seattle of collision is partially blocking that ramp. We are other than that, actually starting to improve quite a few areas. There is an issue in Bellingham. Right now. It's a collision on state route 5 39. So that's otherwise known as Guide Meridian Road, and we have to the North bound lanes are blocked approaching East, Smith wrote Your next couple traffic at 6 14. Weather check Now here's Co Moh meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. Hi, everybody Monday night here in western Washington, and it is going to be a bit of a damp turn again as we head into our Tuesday look for increasing clouds and eventually the rain makes a comeback, especially by later on Tuesday afternoon Gust your winds around the north End of the sound and the ocean beaches from the South 30 to 40 MPH. We've certainly had stronger win this month, but just want to keep you posted in case you're Gonna be out in about as we head into Wednesday, it gets cooler and shower. He could even see some thunderstorms in the snow level comes down to about 3000 ft. In the couple Weather Center I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell had been holding at 46 degrees for the last four hours in Seattle. That's where it stands now Under cloudy skies at 606 here in the middle of 20 minutes of nonstop news on coma, doctors had a chain of local urgent care clinic say lack of covert protective gear is the main reason they're walking off the job. Como's Corwin headache with.

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