Robert Mollah, Donald Trump, Saudi Royal discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Com they generally say you'll like fifty eight percent first cousin and forty two percent uncle let's how the dna tests go in the saudi royal family anyway he died the shia tapes always like that around this time of year the the little we p a victory montages and we are keeping attract on the big developing story that he's going to go on and on and on and on which is the russia investigation but at this point at this point uh it is a discredited investigation and will though robert mollah looks like an old time g man he is not behaving as one when the uae smelter rat about mullah when he was appointed and immediately the tv networks a full of people saying well you know i've known wallet muller four thirty forty years and you can get much more of a straight shooter he'll do the right thing pats exactly why he should not have been appointed he knows everyone he's too tied in to everyone he's been he's a full time career lifelong swamped dweller and that is not a guy you bring in to conduct an independent investigation so what people four whether qualities the put him above reproach that they'd known him for half a century and he's a straight shooter and he's a straight arrow and he's an eagle scout that's the reason he shouldn't have been appointed he's not independent of anything he's he's tied in with everybody and the people he appointed to the investigation were appointed basically not to investigate trump but to ensure that the shinhan organs of the free trump period when they were supposedly investigating hillary and uh they didn't they were essentially there to uh to to make sure that the same people stayed in charge of both investigations and that therefore the shenanigans going on during the hillary investigation would never come to light robert mollah it's not going to get better for him his trump is in one of these people like scooter liberty who's just gonna stand there and take it trump is playing smashmouth back with it him and he's not gonna and he's not gonna go down just because mike flynn pleads guilty to some ring heating process crime a mullah should wrap up this investigation there's no collusion this collusion all over the place with.

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