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Always watch out but you know they have a lot more stuff you know but Zack's got a good system. a good coach and whatever you see on tape you know he's got adjustments so we always try to practice everything but you know you can see more and see so if you have the same gather to throw some some literature that you have not seen yet I then asked him finally about Jimmy war now member Jimmy war has a broken finger in the surgery on it. and it was a report last week that maybe he was going to try to play with a cast Shannon was concerned about that because when you have surgery so close the plane in a game like that you get swept in there are you know when a wrist pop it open the stitches or whatever they do I was afraid about infection well now he's out there he's practicing in a limited capacity I think you have a non contact blue Jersey on yesterday in practice but he's practicing with a big old cast on his hand closed up a little more some reports that maybe he could be ready to go this week whatever is Morris played fantastic you want to take him out a rhythm you don't mess it up with Jimmy ward he's a miss what their plays with his hair on fire Shanahan on what he thinks of Jimmie ward whether or not he'll be able to go this week at Cincinnati obviously you wouldn't have no contact today sells more pain tolerance and I know Jimmy can deal with as much pain as anyone so if it's too much that means it's way too much so we'll see how that goes throughout the week he's on tests and right now you can run into everything and it's protected and feels is protected you can go you know obviously it's harder to catch footballs with one hand set it to but you really talk with your fingers and stuff like that Jim you still have a chance to play a phone the pain go away yes Sir he can he can get rid of that pain or if he's comfortable enough sounds like he may be ready to go but like I said to various Morris played fantastic over the last couple weeks are the forty Niners are very happy with what they see from him but we see Jimmie ward played good football to an open forty on offense frustrated with him because he's always heard but he's always hurt because he's their plan Hartselle I'm not the one here from Dave is it coming for me but it might be coming for me the camp. I think it's the touchline keeps popping up in my ear here let's go to a little bit more break down on on film actually I was last night I do have deep into ten new any does the he's a good many great does sell it is the film breakdown for the athletic incredible staff duties he gives like a blue wires boards podcast you get a new podcast with Kirk Morrison on the athletic check that one out but he is he's great film break doesn't not just local team he was doing a lot of raiders for number years now he's doing like across the NFL you want some interesting stuff check out the the film breakdown of the Baltimore Ravens offense from last week incredible stuff I know the blue out the dolphins put a fifty nine points it's all basically tied to the Miami Dolphins needing to contain Lamar Jackson who carried the ball fewer times than he has ever carried the ball in an NFL start since he was drafted last year not bad for a running back not bad for a running back I've been talking by the way will mark Jackson like an M. V. P. talk already like it's weak one but we're gonna get into that on the other side as far as who the scariest teams in the NFC are what I'm get that does a great cause cell of course does his breakdowns any of some good comments yesterday all right here on KNBR six eighty and one oh four five in regards to the the Jimmy Garoppolo interception when he gets picked off on the left side basically does not look off at Hargreaves at all just gonna tunnel vision sees is password of talented in trying to hit Tevin Coleman RB great go sell at a at a good break down on the on what he thought went wrong and where Jimmy to rob Lowe should have gone with that pass I saw it as a bad read for this reason the leverage of the defense pre snap should have told garage below that capital was to throw a three step timing because kettle with a number three receiver to the curbside and the linebacker was far inside of him and it was a three step drop and get a literally ran five yards and turned around that's a three step timing route so there was no one who could play that because the linebacker was too far inside and I was right in front of the garage. so to me the leverage of that defender should have told him that that was to throw instead he tried to make it tougher throw to Coleman on the outside hitch versus a squatting corner which to me was not the right throw so only Jimmy G. could tell you what was going on in his mind but that's the way I saw yes and when he didn't kill I think I think that was a pretty obvious breakdown but next year because some kind of kind of sift through a tab for exactly what the progressions of Jimmy Jeez resort but ultimately like you said I I can't know for first certain English as Jimmy G. where he should have been looking or what he was looking at one more here this one another break down from because cell on the bangles offense I think it's worth noting here that they had a a damn good week against the Seahawks in project have a pretty good defense when an adage Davey on cloudy so I think the Seahawks impressed a lot of people last season bangles maybe impress some people in week one up in Seattle because so what did you see from the bangles office one of the things about an option selected dangles is there's a little more rhythm to it and with Bruce Arians and likes to deeper drops in to push the ball down the field so that's not to say they can't sack him that's not to say they will be third and longs in the game which there will be we're deeper crops will be demanded but I think just the discount divisional approach to the Bengals offense will be to have quicker drops and get the ball out of dolls hands on this so again saccharine number and when people see five or six they assume automatically you had a great pass rush but I think defensive coaches will tell you that the most important thing is to disrupt the quarterback and get him off his rhythm and off his game sometimes that produces a high number of sacks and sometimes it doesn't so well said man because he you're right there are times where five sashes look fantastic new allow you to get past first but I like to look at that whole read number to the times that you drive the quarterback to the ground just a time that a quarterback has been hit indeed we were just talking about this sometimes the interceptions are indicative of how good that pass rush was yeah you just have to get your quarterbacks some of these guys are just going to panic throughout their back foot we are the telling James west. at the gym is is is one step above VJ manual who is on the ACC network that's were James is that our is not somebody W. J. manual doing and Alice is on the ACC network. for A. J. ages a baller sure he was short wave that info career we got to get into the rest of the league because we do have a football game tonight Carolina Panthers taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and your guy James Winston fame is James we'll be back out there Christian McCaffrey I look fantastic week one are Kim knew maybe not a hundred percent maybe not even at its best he worked okay I thought but I the question I'm gonna put out to the to listeners I for one five eight await a and B. R. four one five eight await five six to seven if you want to get the tax line think about this last night because the athletic just came out with their their week one power rankings power rankings don't mean a whole lot specially week what I mean get to the end of the season can be read by a record that's gonna determine which team is gonna be seated where when you get to those that wild card divisional round of the playoffs the question I've got to always wear do teams rank in the NFC think overwhelmingly everybody would tell you the best two teams in football right now are the Kansas City Chiefs in order and the the New England Patriots of course the patch now adding Antonio brown maybe getting even better on offense but the question I think I I think everybody would say okay saints and rams right up near the top but who are the other three and all the rams the number two team right now in the end I see you're gonna get saints and rams this weekend we have plenty of stuff to get into regarding that I want to hear who you think the top five teams in the NFC are a little bit difficult it's got a little bit more difficult I think the going across the NFL. just talking NFC and where the forty Niners may rank high in that top five cylinder little breakdown of that on the other side as well as some great sound from this match up involved in the same from the rams are the same still not over that pass interference call the toll road be calm and doesn't really care he wouldn't change a thing where you're from him on the other side after the half past headlines all that and more coming up it's a Thursday morning in the lead off spot on the sports leader. the leadoff.

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