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Okay. So Paul and Carini back to them for a moment. She went wedding dress shopping. Do you think that that was the highest end wedding dress store in her town? Yes, yes. I think it was definitely like the, you know, David's bridal that town. And where are you comfortable with her decision to go strapless. Or do you feel like some of the halter tops or spaghetti strap dresses were a better choice? I always I tend to like a strap on a wedding dress anyway or or at least like I always feel like women when. They don't when they just wear a halter, if they end up spending the night holding it up. You know what I mean? I feel like every wedding I've been to, you know, after a little bit of time on the dance floor, it's like you look over at the bride and she just has like one hand on her shirt or on her dress, holding it up. And then the other hand is like doing the single eighties dance with like the rest of the singles at the wedding. You know, I agree. I have an aversion to strapless dresses, so I wasn't thrilled with her decision when I was also distracted by the fact that her mother was weeping. Do you think that. She should consider her mother's feelings and maybe dial it back on the wedding plans. If your mother were to weep, should you go to tuxedo shop? Would you sit and talk to her through those feelings? No, he's take what you should definitely talk through those feelings and you should definitely take it as a red flag that people around your crying about the situation and you know weddings in general to me, I feel like they sometimes just get out of people's hands like when they're engaged or they're planning a wedding, and then it just it snowballs into this thing that it's not supposed to be, which we've seen a million times and there's been a million shows like bridezilla shows and all that stuff in. I've seen friends where it's like the wedding ends up becoming something. It's not make people lose sight of why they're doing it in the in the love they have for the other person in. So in general, like I'm not. I sort of have a pest pessimistic view a little bit on on weddings like I love marriage and I love commitment, but I think like the act of marriage. Berta typically, as it is shown as to us on TV, it's become insane in insa wind be. There are red flags that pop up, like someone's crying that the wedding dress shop or or whatever it is. It's like, maybe we just need to scale this back a minute in do like on the sex and the city movie, which that's where my mind always goes. Where Carey, you know, she plans his big wedding in the chief forgets what it's about. And then you know the ultimate -ly her her dream wedding ends up being this thing where she throws on a consignment shop suit and then has brunch with her friends. It's like bats to me when when it starts to get out of hand, that's when you need to, you know, throw on that. What off-white suit jacket n. just go to go to a Denny's with your friends like Kerry. I agree. Okay. And then we have Angela, Michael, Angela is from Georgia. She has blocked platinum, blonde dried hair that's fallen out of her head and she wears tank tops. Even though she has like a size double g. boobs. She's in Nigeria with her boyfriend. Michael. Michael has been dating lots of other women and she's really upset about the fact that he doesn't have any pictures of her on his phone. I suspect part of that is because she's everything that his family and friends would not want. Him to be with what were. Are your feelings the minute you were introduced to Angela and Michael? Well, first of all, like I not even like a little gas like a little gay gas. Like I had a very loud gig ass when he called her fat. I could not the way he said it..

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