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Yes. So worth it watch cringe. When I watch Nana. Nana, comedy. I get like. Get nervous for that. But anyway, I'm looking forward to that fucking movie Mr. glass. We were talking about the featherweights and your favorite picks. So you took pollyanna Matt by second round submission Phoenix JJ by decision. Jim took pollyanna by decision and I'm gonna take pollyanna also had second round submission. Follow me, then removing to cops. Monson not on my Khanna. Did you say McConnell? I did. Yeah. Macondo she's I, I sorry, blanked out. I'd like that. I'm thinking. No, I'm not. Was just it's hard to go against cub. Not tell me right now. I'll stop He doesn't singing. sing. We should sing finale after we're done. Listen, this is the deal people might look at is not. Oh, man. Yeah, I love. Hey, he's has his last name. Okay. I'll just get his Meccano. I'm only. I know he's the favourite. I get it cub cub, you know, it takes couple of steps phone, maybe a step back to fight and then goes back though. It I'll go, we'll come. I'm going calms comes to rise to the occasion. He's gonna win a decision. I think decision TJ an really cool fi camp like new focus, new, maybe vigor because adult it's going to be about. Yeah, I go with Cobb. I'm going. The decision I'm going. Phoenix decision decision? Yeah. So Jim Norton has gone Waikato by decision. I wrote down outta my condo by decision, but I want to take because I'm rooting I'm cub Swanson fan. I'd like to see. Stew wing. Does he means putting on a good hat he's making like he's not picking both guys, but he really is what's listen. Can I say to the untrained. The right now, somebody saying that Christopher too is a lot of nice guy. He was picking the guy. Get a win, but he feels bad. He lays Cup Cup calls, and he's gonna go a come. So he's a flip flop or that's one and two, if not the wins, and he picks cub while you know guys, I really, I exactly. Yeah. So can I just do this for you this Abe's for the everybody's behind me. Nobody likes to flip make a decision. Okay, fine. I'm taking it out of my count by decision, but I'm rooting for all right..

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