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This one was exciting mcgregor actually want multiple rounds any hit a bunch now mayweather way more precise that's not surprisingly hugh land a much higher percentage of strikes me did but the fact that he made mcgregor like other wondering i give mcgregor a lot of credit but for guy making his first professional boxing or as boxing debut he should not look vat good against one of the greatest of all tho if mcgregor wanted and he would you be crazy to do this because i think he said none of empire ufc but if you wanted to say i'm not going to do it anymore i'm going to devote all my time to boxing how long would it take before mcgregor could be taken seriously as a fulltime contending boxer i think i think some people probably put on there now i think what you'd have to do is give him somebody narrowed boxing as well as i do mma but if you give him somebody in his prime right now it mcgregor either beat some or or hold his own with them then people will be convinced 'cause i fought at the end of the fight against get myself excited three rounds then i'm like oh my like i'm at mcgregor can win but at the end and thinking about it i'm saying i know mayweather retired but is this the way is this the perfect plan for him to approve the fifty you know but also get another payday out of it if he wanted yes ready get a rematch because if he's squashed them in a round or two no rematch is not happening and there's not another boxer on the planet hence why this fight happened that he could get as much money is this yes not as interesting now so i don't know i don't know if he was like shaving points in a way where are you still going to win but you want to cover route when with this rematch be next year next august yeah all right they are in this one r really question i don't know what the extent of either one of their like injuries are usually like in in the ufc they go to the doctors after they get like.

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