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Near you they'll be Kevin Pelor to try to get a giants rally started drilling for nothing with Joe Ross the that started pitching well Kevin Clark rather that the second is first time the jets have only one hit that was a first inning double off the field wall by Mike you Stransky now a swing a line drive base hit the left field for prolonged jumping on that first pitch sinker and repeated right through the whole that'll bring up Brandon Crawford Crawford grounded out to the short stop on the right side of the infield his first time we're talking about the very bonds twelve years ago tonight set the all time home run record he would add to it a few times before he was finished ended up with seven hundred sixty two career homers that is the current career record the picture that he faced Mike bass sick was a few years before that and I just I just looked it up earlier today and have remembered that Mike Basque was also involved in another historic game which I also had this the pleasure to broadcasters able to loan which the anniversary of this other game was just earlier this week couple of days ago that's a good pitch the game in Cleveland with the Seattle Mariners in town Bassett was brought in in in relief of Dave Berber the former giant river got roughed up there's a swing and a miss by Crawford and it's one one brother gave up seven runs into any so they took him out and they brought in Mike bass sick to eat up cementing spastic ended up going six innings we didn't go all that well he gave up seven more runs but he did give them six innings at one point after he had allowed the seven runs please the was training that game fourteen to to is the PH Crawford takes loan outside just off the corner with a changeup two one one anyway by the time that the bass sick was taken out of the game after the eighth inning the score was fourteen denying it had been fourteen to to Cleveland matter to come back but they were still down by five in the ninth inning fourteen and nine took him out of the game and in Cleveland tied the game in the last of the ninth inning not Crawford swings and hits a line.

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