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A good wardrobe think uniform curated closet capsule wardrobe also as a young professional with limited resources Beatrix mix a really good point. Yeah. You know, I have to say I've never even really heard the term fast fashion before now, and I spend zero time thinking about how closer made sort of wear their made that conditions. So I'm really glad she brought that up and we should we should do a little bit more looking into. Yeah. We absolutely should. And she's right with my sort of goal of being kinder to the earth, and paring down and having less. I need to consider that. Yes. I need a curated closet. Yeah. I'm going to work on that. So thank you for bringing that up. Okay. Sarah. It's time for from the treadmill desks of which we discuss what's most pressing and our work psyches and this week it's collaborating with directors, and why is that on our minds because today, we are speaking with one of our favorite directors one of our favorite people, the fixes executive producer director, Michael cattleman. Michael is a prolific director and executive producer known for both high octane action and visually engaging character Centric material Michael made, his direct to'real debut on the critically acclaimed China Beach from there he quickly established himself by directing Iconex series such as happened Leonard scandal how to get away with murder. Or justified the X files northern exposure smallville and ER Michael is also an accomplished pilot director four of his pilots have been picked up to series. So sehr we're gonna have to ask him his secret because that is an incredible record in two thousand six Michael directed. His first feature film primeval for Disney and Hollywood pictures since directing that feature Michael has established himself as an executive producer director on many series, including Michael Bay's, the last ship zoo life on Mars, Gilmore, girls and true calling. Michael welcome them big youth. Nice to be here. Wonderful to have you here. Well, okay. First of all, can you explain or audience what the role of director executive producer on a TV show is? Yes, it's kind of like it's all things like being a fireman. And part of it is going where the fires are. But you, you know, it starts at the script. You read the script you kind of visualize. What it should be in your basically in charge? Of all the visuals are overseeing all the visuals of the show making sure that it's consistent..

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