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We all wanna live in a world where you can go into any house of worship and pray to any God that you wanna pray to and feel safe. She says. She hopes comes a day when people never have to worry about their own safety at houses of worship. But until then she says, she's keeping her head on swivel Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. There isn't a report out of the Anti-Defamation League that found hateful incidents against Jews are on the rise in the US fifty nine people were physically assaulted thirty nine separate incidents last year that triple the total from twenty seventeen searches home for the hit and run driver that killed a man crossing the street in Torrance to that scene right down. Here is Craig Ventner victim eighty one years of age he was in a crosswalk. You're a dilemma boulevard and Marin avenue this is in Torrance in the driver of a four door Honda sedan. Was traveling eastbound did have a green light for whatever reason didn't stop a hits. This guy just keeps going and that eighty one year old died here at the scene. So the search is on for the person who's behind the wheel of that Honda again described as a four door Honda sedan. It's either gray or blue. In color has significant front end damage the person again died at the scene and all the information. They have is just about the color of that car doors, and the fact that it does have that front end damage live in Torrance, Craig Victor can extend seventy NewsRadio amber Dina, Kenny sheriff's department is still looking for this missing six year old boy whose body they think is in a landfill in victorville. Investigators say they believe Duke Flora's was dumped in a trash, man. His mother told deputies last Thursday that he had been missing for two weeks. New leads led detectives to arrest the mother and the boy's aunt VIN charged with one count each of murder. Six.

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