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Katie how are you. Are you dave better than I deserve. What's what's up so I am a newly single mom? I only make about twenty seven thousand five hundred twenty seven thousand a a year which is about like eighteen hundred? Take home pay I'm just having a hard time getting past the four walls and how to like like get past that enables to my daughter better. Yeah so how old's your baby in two years old you you said. Newly single mayor divorced he actually passed. This is also. I don't get any child support or anything like that. My Gosh what happened. He was on a job in the whole of install a heart attack right after that and that just kind of went from there. Goodness goodness so sorry. Is Your family in the area there. yeah I'm about to move back in with my mom On to kind of help things out but even with my income is load as I am to move back out I would still have the same struggle list before walls and anything. Anything that Well you're right. This is going to be the difference as you wouldn't have to be paying rent. And that's the biggest item on in your list. Is it not yes okay and so that that is going to help a bunch for a as a temporary measure. What that to be your your permanent game plan? What do you do you for a living? I'm housekeepers and then I'm also a volunteer firefighters do that. It's kind of like a side job a couple of my sleep What does that pay That's like it's on a volunteer paid on call basis. I usually get like two or three thousand dollars a year from it. It's it's not much no. It's not much for two nights of your time a lot more like volunteering than it is like getting paid. That's not a real part-time Tom job. Okay so here's the thing what you're telling me and I agree is that you have an income problem I think you can make your taking care of your your daughter. I think you can feed her and you can keep gas in your car and you can live on a budget and watch what you're doing with eighteen hundred dollars while you're living with your mom but that's not your long term erm game plan. You don't want to be doing that twenty years from now so you ask yourself. Two questions is about how I can make more money. One is we're GONNA make more money now With part time jobs that actually pay not a volunteer job and that pays well and a a C could be a side hustle. You can start.

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