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Well, you could, you could say the same about the Republican party's fortune. In fact, we've all been talking about it for a year now where you have Donald Trump endorsement that helped somebody like crisco Bach. Possibly win the Republican nomination, but then sets him upsets the Republican party up for a makes it more likely that they lose in the fall because of just what we saw on though Haya race last night, the massive bleeding of Republicans and what was once. Republican, strong stronghold, the suburbs since the late nineteen sixties have been where Republicans have gone to win elections. And now Donald Trump endorsement of a candidate like Kovach that repels so many people in in those wants solidly Republican areas. So. A win timber or a win in August possibly leads to a big laws in the fall. That is. Certainly it was so striking you had that Trump endorsement of co back in a couple of hours later on Monday right before the election, Mr. Kansas Republican politics. Bob Dole ninety five years old. Now weighs in with an endorsement of Quebec's opponent the the acting governor. So that was sort of the establishment speaking in response to Donald Trump, making that move. I will say the interesting thing when you put those results up right now, we're still clinging to that lead of just over five hundred votes is one county one giant county one, giant suburban upscale more affluent county Johnson county, overland park, Kansas, for instance, right outside Kansas City. That's where the outstanding votes have been now for. I'm going to say the last eight hours basically everything's from Johnson county. When Johnson county was completely outstanding at about midnight, everybody's assumption was that's it. Now here is going to win this nomination. Because kopecks not gonna win in these suburbs. Now, about two thirds of Johnson county has been counted overnight and co bet continues to lead the suburbs have not strangely enough come through for Collier the way they were expected to overnight to. Certainly, I think it's true co back in November. If you're democrat, you're saying, oh my goodness, this is a golden opportunity to win the Republican nominee. But though suburbs that are supposed to be endangered, the Republicans voting there may be no, not seeing it that way quite as much. Willie Kopach winning. If he ends up winning is. I mean it's clear mccaskill trying to draw Todd ache and back the last time she ran and you never know how it turns out co Bach may be different than Todd ache and when he gets out on the campaign trail and may do much much better..

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