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Two and a half years ago i got my licence and i got a gun permit down i gotta local permit in addition to my old secret service permit right so i've had a grand total in two and a half years of about four hours of experience with government don't you find it a little ironic that when you forced to actually deal with government and it's not some other worldly fantastical idea the liberal mine that you actually hate it what was the last liberal you ran into it have dinner parties said you know that dmv is awesome i love it i wish i could spend every moment in the post office and then at the department of vote of motor vehicles next the interactions you have with government you hate you can't let me get this straight liberals you can't stand the cops you can't stand the dmv you basically you can't stand any one that represents government and yet you want the government to sanction the cracking open of your chest in the event of it a medical emergency yeah that's not hypocritical at all it requires actual brain dead this they have that flatliners it's a re remake of the oil flat largely when you're dead like that's the liberal bray here it requires no thinking at all their response to everything is going to be so when you check out our telling you you've already been there most of you their response to anything sport vodafone is cassette chris will get the i'll give you a chance to respond but if i didn't wanna cut you we're up against the break so but their response to anything whenever you throw a fact that the any kind of fact almost about anything like glenn davis is batting average for the houston astros will be a you're you're definitely a racist a hundred per se what i'm talking about glen davis is batting average me ash doesn't matter your conservative you clearly don't like black people because davis is white it doesn't matter your racist i'm a liberal i don't have anything else you're you're killing me here you're making me fake single payer of course the government can run health care what is the government run well nothing but it could definitely handle healthcare 100 percent world geniuses where liberals.

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