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And I did a little Clemson sports program called the tiger sports report. So yes, I mean that was a really long answer to a really short question. But it did it just ignited my whole career really was ignited through Clemson football. That wasn't important Jane for the Clemson football program. I mean when the Tigers take the field later tonight. Yes, they won the ACC this year. They won the Cotton Bowl last weekend. But the idea that this school in this small southern town could actually win a national championship. Started back in the in the eighties. You are. Exactly. Right. And you remember that? Well, as I do, you know was not on anybody's radar. It was not something we talked about bought about or dream about until we finished our season against South Carolina. And we went oh, wow. Look we're undefeated and it went to number one. And guess what you guys get to go to the Orange Bowl. I mean that was really the first time it ever occurred to us. We're we're kinda spoiled a little bit. Now, you know that we understand that we've got the culture and the program, and and all of the facilities in the foundations that we're really in it, you see that Alabama one Clemson wanted twenty sixty Alabama could be our turn again, we could see another, you know, three after after tonight. So yeah, but the culture and eighty one completely different. But once you've won it once you've proven to the whole wide world that Clemson university and Lou upstate South Carolina can win a national championship can be a real contender individualism football. You're right. Joey just writes, the story for the rest of football future things Jane that just. Really makes it special though. The Clemson football program is more than about just playing the game. A coach swinging the coaches before him I'm gonna be talking with coast, Danny Ford here in just a few minutes, but just a legend over in those areas, but you know, these coaches and the Clemson program in general, they're serious about these men completing their education, they're serious about making sure that these young men are prepared for life after football because that day eventually come exactly right in professional football. Even even with as many guys as we do have heading to the NFL, if not the story for the majority of the team, very small percentage, and even those guys aren't gonna play maybe five years match. So you've gotta understand that your education is the most important thing and look at Christian Wilkins in four years. He has his undergraduate and graduate degree, you know, Devo, I think just really sets the precedent for that. He is the first in his family to graduate from college. He was able to do that. Thanks callings after you walked onto. The Alabama football team, gene stallings gave him a scholarship, then gene stallings called him back after he was going to graduate and be in business while gene selling I come back into your got a graduate degree that you can work on to grad assistant, and so he earned a graduate degree and that the emphasis that he he gives these players, and you know, what if a mama of college age person, my son is twenty years old, if my son were college football player, there is not one person in America that I would want to tuck him up under the wing of..

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