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With Eric would formally the Buffalo Bills Mack brown going to join us at the top of the hour and we're talking with Eric we were discussing Buffalo Bills fans throwing people third tables the crazy tell gates I've been to buffalo for game a whole lot of fun so let's go around the National Football League right now Chris and Dave just jump in I'll give you every state and you tell me if you've been there or not we'll start things off our heads stadium I would enjoy going to the game at Kansas city the loud environment you probably have some delicious barbecue food to get yourself going to tell gate AT and T. stadium the cowboys stadium I don't know if I want to go to a game there I would love to tour that facility that out I guess if you're going on a tour you may as well just go to a game but I won there in a stadium like that how enjoyable the game actually is I've been to big stated before but that one is absolutely ridiculous a bank of America stadium for Carolina Panthers game town probably good atmosphere aka stadium mile high you have to get those fans chant Goldblum took about seven years to figure out what they were saying what the heck are they say a fun time though in Denver CenturyLink field Hey I know C. T. three how was your trip by the way to die did you go to Seattle already just to Portland I drove through Seattle on the way to the music and arts festival at the Seattle airport first and then went down to Portland pull out the PBX okay goes for Seattle yeah and I I would I do that trip I stayed one night in Seattle and then we did a whole loop through or get great time what is out there I would love to go to a game at Seattle with the twelve man and actually get a a little pulse on how loud it actually is here about all the time dignity health sports park do you have any clue who plays there I dignity health sports park I used to be called something else a ticket company if you want a little hint there it's a small stadium very small stadium is that the Chargers yes okay I have no interest of going to a game that I other than the weather fed ex field I think I've been there a complete and utter dumb plants when I've heard as well and you know it's a dump because their their own fans don't even show up your bid the fed ex field day venture no Sir well you're not missing much the media parking lot there it is a field and there's barely any grass in the field it and it's a miserable walk to the stadium not a fan of fed ex field first energy stadium that's the Browns stadium here we go browdy is there we go yeah I I would enjoy going to the game with the the dog path especially nowadays with the the stated the Cleveland Browns for field the lions no thanks no interest I'll pass on that if I'm going to to Detroit what's the name the hardcore pawn shop I yes I would I would take a trip there but going to the Michigan I'm going to the big house I've been to the big house before a few times Gillette stadium been there many times great stadium I know Dave and Chris should be definitely accepted there is two jets fans the home of the patriot six times to ball chance what's cool about to let is if you don't tell get dad this patriots place which is basically a mall right outside the stadium because fox rose in the middle of nowhere and the mall is cool you have like a a doppio steak house you have a round robin you have a five guys very cool place hard rock stadium the dolphin stadium I would enjoy being in Florida no interest going again there you can't breathe down there man why because of how hot it is in the humidity yeah must be tough Heinz field Pittsburgh never been with love to go and the Steelers fans are so loyal added time you travel stills reply in the out they always have fans there Lambeau field never been I know Amy went there last year she thought of the jumbo tron she helped them out announced part of the game yeah the pregame festivities and halftime festivities that's pretty cool I would definitely love to go get some spotty callin some cheese and got the Lambeau field we've I stadium been their first Super Bowl Super Bowl fifty between the Broncos and the Panthers weird stadia so you have a lower ball on one side and then it's it's all luxury box seating and the way the stadiums designed when the sun is setting if you're on one side of the stadium the glare is unbearable and the other side is a very shady so Levi's stadium it's it's not in San Francisco it's in Santa Clara the transportation was easy to get to a specialist to ball about three hours quicker than it took to get from the York city and met life I was a disaster for the Superbowl did all on awful job of transportation nice stadium nothing special to me might get financial field Philadelphia go great venue yeah all the stadiums down there you go to Xfinity live the eagles games are it's a party in Philly yeah I've been there have you did you wear the opposing team Jersey course and how was that I got beat up I need to get beat up almost almost come on I was that what was that all to case that really is nothing gotcha I'll sandals memorial Coliseum that's what the rams flight stuff the it be cool to go to that stadium but is the passion really there for the rams right now going to see a Dodger game from going away yeah that's a good point hopefully not wearing those future jerseys that they were over the weekend for Dodgers it always works Roche's house a disgrace I was at the Mets that the Mets Brett Braves yes thank you just a nationals I was getting my weeks Max out and you had no clue who was so and then you go to the you go to Twitter to try to look up the bridge line up and they have all the nicknames I go I know Freddie Freeman plays first base but is that who the heck is this but with some of these nicknames Lucas oil stadium very underrated stadium very cool hi if you're there you go to the JW Marriott and get the fried calamari some of the past fried calamari animal place Indianapolis the JW Marriott I did enjoy Lucas oil stadium I the raven stadium MNC bank stadium actually been there have you have fun I drove past it on the way to spring fun alright this one I may go there this year the ravens fans outside as for road games travel very well hi Mercedes Benz Superdome you this is one of the stadiums I want to go to not only get to go to New Orleans and get the gumbo the poor boys the alligator all that it's it's always a party New Orleans and that stadium gets so loud I've I would love to go to Mercedes Benz Superdome the year the Super Bowl was there last time it was there I drove past that I was there only up until like that Saturday didn't stay for the game that year Mercedes Benz stadium the falcon stadium you know I want to go to the stadium I don't know the atmosphere is inside the stadium the food is ridiculously cheap and if you go on a Monday night you get the chick fillet but they serve two three five dollar beers whatever it is to Dalat dogs smart job with the like family does their MetLife stadium been there many times for the amount of money they spend and you you guys are too jet fans I think it's a dump I think they could have done such a better job of that stadium extreme disappointment okay so is from the same page new our field that's a bill stadium it's a dump but it's a great place to go to have been there such a fun atmosphere on games like you said there's not much else to do I tell you drink wings and football so will fight central then maybe Nissan stadium Nashville Tennessee the Titans stadium I like I like to our national for game you can talk me into that NRG stadium I was there for the Superbowl beautiful stadium how is the atmosphere for a Texans game I don't know ring central Coliseum that's the raider stadium I don't know the raider fans are crazy I don't know if I want to go I respect the raider fans they they'll look crazy I I would wait till Vegas as it's a let's wait to the end of things yeah how many people are going to go to a bachelor party because their teams playing the raiders they're gonna go to Vegas and then go to raiders or whoever you're your team is full you were for Paul Brown stadium the bangles stadium I could do without Raymond James stadium the old pirate ship maybe the one to see the box play yeah I could do without that one too Soldier Field Chicago all and would love to go State Farm stadium Glendale Arizona I could do without TI double a bank field that's the Jaguars stadium though thanks and U. S. bank stadium the Vikings stadium if it's in September on down anywhere afterwards frigid even though it's an indoor stadium and I think you get to the stadium underground I remember being there for the Superbowl not I didn't stay for the game that you're doing your post game that year and we have to go back to Philadelphia I was that the ticket and jaws party to go to every year Thursday night to Super Bowl week tremendous party rate food not a not just music just a fun time low key great party and they had an outdoor section because they have a cigar lounge at this party and I had a Guinness beer in my hand I step outside for a second to beer froze so if you there in September it's fine it looks like a very cool stadium if it's a November December freezing just to try to walk around so give me a stadium that you haven't been to that you would love to go to which one crest which one Dave I'm for me I think you have to be a lamp that's a ledge at Lambeau or the state stadium Mercedes Benz I'm going to Seattle Seattle school yeah yeah I I I can't fault on there Dave yeah I think it's got a reliable is one of the senses a bucket list thing Chicago to still drivable that be awesome you got a little Packers bears game that vehicle so give me stating the I've been to that you would love to go to eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven second bid for a law after CBS sports radio background coming up at the top of the hour but first up is the always excited jabber monthly CBSSports update.

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