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Is it is. It's on account of thirty now. I think I do. What Rome Rome? Oh Man I don't know that I would have gotten that under pressure. You got to come back to it there. He had three shots at the only crushed. It man I know you're not a world jogger for your but you did great you got nine out of ten only had time to spare man when he got finished I was like he's GonNa go back and he's GonNa get wrong. I thought so too. Yeah and how many German flag colors. Yeah what did you just guess three not I. I knew it what it dyed orange black and yellow this Guy Dick Nick Man. Listen I I'm calling people say Colored Yellow Bread Black Dylan Elon. I appreciate your call. You did a great job you did it when but I. I appreciate the time you spend with us this morning. Yes now thank you guys for everything you do you guys Dan away to where I can appreciate all the good you put out into the world and you Kinda reaffirmed. My hope that there are still people out there. Thank you for everything and Appreciate you I talk. We let people down. We'll start seeing either is still dylan. Everybody bobby bones. Show time for our game. Amy Versus lunchbox. Where ask amy? Three Dude questions asked lunchbox three women questions and we see who does the best hero much box today. Liam Hemsworth turns thirty years old. Are you familiar with Liam Hemsworth. I know he has a twin brother. I don't which ones which no idea what he's in. Or is he the one of them store think one movie is Liam most known for Liam Hemsworth. What movie is most known for? The only thing I know stores all say I don't know which one it is. Amy Liam Hemsworth tens or I have have trouble with them to with differentiating them. Liam was married to Miley okay. Chris is thor thought he was gonNA ask me who there's married to I had that Liam's Liam's most famous movie is still all my Gosh. Some of the Nicholas Spark movie with Miley highly. The Hunger Games. Oh he was my gosh he was in that okay. Carry on lunch box. What Popular Diet? I accompany is Oprah now part owner of all that's ww gouges. That's right you're not the judge I mean if if the judge edge that wasn't the new name all the commercial it's weight watchers still company. WW lunch marks. What do you call the process us in which you oil and heat your cast iron cookware to preserve it? What do you call the process in which you oil N.? In Heat your cast iron cookware to preserve it hands on her head. She's making Godzilla sounds. I think she knows educate we think about that. I've never even heard of this. Oh my wife is obviously not taking care of. I don't know if we have cast iron cookware. All say cleaning it cleaning amy. My Dad was so mad at me right now because I'm like in my head. I'm like prime it it but that's not it. It's where are you. I mean you put it and then you couldn't fit in the oven and you heat it user no is called seasoning. I don't really I'm not good at it and I have to always. I'm too scared them in a mess up my cast iron skillet. 'cause my dad. If you do it just right you can make it the perfect skillet forever if you mess it up. You messed up. Well one point after his around. Amy Has Zero points. I I just horrible right amy hero three questions. These are all dude questions. Google twitter do trivia questions white car part charges. Your battery when your car is running put I know this one. I don't know much guard isn't even I know there's one what car part charges your battery when your car is running. I didn't even know that a carport did that The alternator spat. Yeah I have no idea and wow guess Ziguinchor Games and seasoning and I know both of those and I just get on that one that means we feel good amy question number. Two extension step gap and a frame are types of what extension step and a frame are are types of what roofs ooh feeling lunchbox. You can sti ladders the time it goes through step by step the the A frame is one that I guess about that. Two to one shoots amy pitching gap YEP and sand. 'em Lob are types of what quite pitching gap sand and lob are types APPs of what has to do with golf. What is your answer? Pitching Sandy gap and law are types of golf clubs. Yes okay one question each lunch marks. What color is chartreuse shade of Purple? No Fred no green. Oh I don't know colors period. I don't even know chartreuse win this one all you have to do is nail this question. Are you ready writing in John. McLean is a main character. In what popular movie and Action Franchise John Maclean John Maclean fast and furious still John Wick diehard. Oh I don't I still don't let character Bruce. John Wicks is John Wig Jack reacher okay. We'll do one more would Okay ready lunch. Yeah which movie Julia Roberts have a famous bubble.

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